Protein powder

My hair has been a bit on the frizzy side this past week and I think it's because of over conditioning, so I decided to do a home protein treatment. While going through the pantry to grab ingredients to throw in, I found an old container of protein powder drink mix. It had an expired use by date so I wouldn't drink it, but I figured it wouldn't hurt my hair. It turned out awesome! It thickened up the mix nicely so I didn't have too much running down my neck like I usually do with these. And the vanilla flavor made the whole thing smell much better.

1 egg
1 spoonful mayo
1 TBS olive oil
1 TBS honey
1 1/2 scoops of vanilla protein powder

I haven't seen anyone else share their use of protein power here, but maybe I just missed it. The brand I used had 18g of protein per serving, so thats much more that just the normal food stuff I've used before. So if you've already have some in the house give it a try next time you mix together a treatment.
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It's funny you posted this, because just the other day I glanced at some of those protein powders in the store and I was like "I wonder if anyone uses that on their hair?"

It seemed like a feasible idea, I just laughed at the thought that half the stuff I put on my hair is edible anyway...
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