some questions about using homemade products


I just tried making a curl reviving spray recipe (thanks!) and had a few questions:

The ingredients are just water, epsom salt and jojoba oil. Would this need refrigeration?

Could continued use of epsom salt dry out your hair?

Sherry-I'd be so glad to find something cheap that works!
I usually make homemade products in pretty small batches that get used within a week or so, doing this I haven't had any problems with things going bad. However, if you're making larger amounts you probally should refridgerate all but a couple days worth so it doesen't go bad. HTH!
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Weeklyish shampoo with CO's inbetween to keep down the grease.
Teela's right , even boiled distilled water would soon grow bacteria since the plastic container could not be sterilized at home. A few drops of an antibacterial essential oil like lavender or rosemary may retard spoilage a little bit but still, the best course of action is to keep most of it in the fridge as she said.
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