Shea Butter Tempering

I discovered by accident the other day that shea butter can be tempered and taken out of temper. So does anybody out there have any experience with tempering shea butter and using it? From my experience, it's easier to work with out of temper since it melts faster and I don't have to spend ten minutes trying to heat it to a workable temperature. The grittiness has never really been a problem.

But what's your experience with it? Anybody know of cases when it's better to temper?
I am confused about what you mean by "temper," why you'd need to artificially melt it, because unless you're using shea that's been heavily refined, it shouldn't take more than a minute for it to melt in your hands.

Having very dry skin, I've used shea for years. I coat my body with it from head to toe a couple times a week, and use it in my hair as well. I pick up a blob, put it in my palm, rub my hands together and it's all melted and creamy. It's fast.

I have noticed that some of the store bought tubs of shea butter aren't really shea at all but a mix of garbage with a little shea mixed in. And those that are all shea, have been refined so much, that the shea is ruined; it doesn't melt, it's gritty, it's ick. Plus all that refining and processing kills the E and whatnot that is naturally present in shea. The beneficial vitamins have been heated away.

Out of Africa is a great brand (unrefined, REAL shea), but I don't think it's available anymore. L'Occitane sells shea but they process it to death. After buying a bunch of store bought garbage over the years, I have found that sticking to raw unrefined in bulk is the best. Just shy away from the smoked stuff, unless you want to smell like a campfire.
Is that what its called when shea butter turns white and gritty? Thats what happened to mines. I started to throw it away. I don't like the grit.

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