How Do You Measure Shea Butter?

Hey ladies. For those of you who use shea butter, I was wondering how you measure it? As in, do you melt it first, then measure, or pack it unmelted into measuring spoons? Or do you weigh it? I hear people saying they used so and so many tablespoons or ounces of shea butter for various recipes, but they never explain exactly how they get that measurement.

Thanks for all the help and input.

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For more detailed info, here's the blog!
I used to use a measuring spoon using unmelted shea butter. Now I use a digital pocket scale that I purchased on ebay for less than $10. Most of the recipes that I use now use gram measurements.
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All of my recipes are by weight, and I prefer to work in grams also.

When I make my whipped shea butter or soap, I scoop it into my bowl while its on my scale, add my other oils and then melt it.
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