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Curly Girl, I can really see that acv and bs would be very useful for ladies who struggle with limp, oily, overly silky hair. I suffer from dry hair though so different things are good for different people
Hmm, do you have hard water? I noticed in another thread that you're using VO5 TT. In recent times I've come to the conclusion that some of the cheap COs react badly with hard water forming a gummy residue with it that builds up pretty fast (Suave COs are the worst in such a case), you may have to use less final CO or to make it easier to apply dilute it with a little distilled water. If that still doesn't work you're going to have to pay a little more for something better than drugstore brands...
Originally Posted by HalfWavyHalfCurly
Well that might explain my problem. I have extremely hard water and use Suave as my leave in. What would you suggest as a better brand? I was thinking of trying the OGX line.

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