Coconut Oil?

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I have been putting coconut oil in my hair for as long as I can remember. But, just recently, I read an article about how it can straighten hair? Has that worked for anybody? If so, details on how? PLEASE!!!
I just tried a honey and coconut oil conditioner and it made my hair even curlier but more of a baby/loose curl. Try one of the coconut oil recipes to see if it makes a difference.
Well, I know that just applying coconut oil to the hair weighs it down because of the oil. If I put enough of it in, it will straighten my hair (although it appears greasy). Once I co-wash it out though, it is the same ol' reg'lar curl pattern I always have, unless I don't rinse all of it out. Could you post the article perhaps?
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It'll weigh down the hair if you put enough in, like any oil, but it doesn't permanently straighten hair.

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Is it hard to CO wash coconut oil out?
Is it hard to CO wash coconut oil out?
Originally Posted by Keihs
It's not too hard, as long as you don't use a ton.

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