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lirontocker 03-27-2013 03:37 PM

Clarifying hair: Baking soda... with starch?
Hi all,

I'd like to try clarifying my hair with baking soda. Going through the pantry, I found some baking "powder" (this is what they sell in Germany). It's basically Sodium Bicarbonate with starch. I'm unsure which starch it is, probably potato or cornstarch.

Does anyone know if this would be safe to use as a hair clarifying treatment? Starch and water alone basically make a glue, but I'm not certain if the bicarbonate in the mix will counteract it if it gets gunky.

Any ideas?

Firefox7275 05-05-2013 03:45 AM

Baking soda on dry porous hair is not the greatest idea, it's pretty damaging.

BeautyisMiree 05-05-2013 06:40 AM

I used baking soda on my hair, but what I did is that I made the ratio with a whole lot of water and a little bit of baking soda.

I needed something to get rid of product build up and to balance my ph level. It closes your hair cuticles too absorb moisture better.

So_Jane 05-05-2013 10:16 AM

I can't see how the starch would make that much difference, but i would suggest just plain baking soda if you're going to go for it. i used a little baking soda + a Lot of water, and it worked just fine. It is very abrasive, so you will need to determine for yourself how much water ratio to use. It also whitens teeth when used following toothpaste. :drunken:

Good luck.

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