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I tried to make a shea butter mix ,with the yellow shea that I guess isn't really shea butter but I need to use it up so please help me salvage my cream. it was shea butter cocoa butter and jojoba and sweet almond oils, I melted it down and then when it started to solidify I whipped it well it has returned to a hard mess , is their anyway to salvage it? can I add more oil and whip it again?

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Melting it down again, then sticking it in the freezer for 2-5 minutes just so a shell forms around it, then whip it again.


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Yes you can melt it down again and add more oils to make it softer.

I usually use around 60% shea and 40% oils. If you actually have a butter thats harder than shea, you may need to play around with the percentages to get it to the consistency that you prefer.

Ricotdorothy's advise is great, that's how I like to make my whipped butters. Depending on how big your batch is, it might need a little longer in the freezer to created that shell.

After a day or two, it will be less 'fluffy' than it was when you just finished whipping it up, but it should still be creamy enough to melt on skin contact and be able to rub in.

Good luck!
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