Flax Gel & Coconut Butter (has anyone tried this?)

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Hi Lovemybaby,

In my opinion the cream/moose is basically the same as coconut oil. I just like the consistency you can basically take it in dollops versus pouring the runny oil out the bottle or needing to heat it up to get is runny (if it is a solid block). So it acts the same way as coconut Oil..its nice and moisturizing. And if you make it as a gift for someone it makes a cute coconut cream gift.

The Cream/Gel gives me great hold and moisture. My mix consists of both Coconut and Aloe so it is double moisturizing for my hair, makes it super soft and shiny. The Flax gives me shine (even if I mix it just with plain water on its own) but with the Aloe and coconut I love it more.
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Hi Ladies,

Sorry for the delayed update. Things have been hectic, work, friends/family and I am trying to get my Blog and Youtube sorted! Anywho….

1. Coconut cream update:
I use the whisk to work the coconut oil from a semi solid state till it becomes fluffy and light (first pic). I put it in a container (second pic). You can use it as it is for hair and skin or mix is essential oils etc and add to other things (like I did explained below). I like working with this consistency but my house is extremely warm so I might revisit this when it gets cooler.
Attachment 37807, Attachment 37808

2. Coconut Cream/Flax Seed Gel Update:
I tried the cream with flax seed gel as a coconut/flax gel. (third pic) is when I poured some fresh Flax Seed Gel over the whipped coconut cream. (Fourth pic) is of the two mixed together. I like using this mixture again because of the consistency and feel. Once more I have to mention about the room temperature!
Attachment 37809, Attachment 37810

3. Flax Seed/ Aloe Vera Leave-in:
So I basically used a very diluted Flax Seed Gel.
• 2 cups of water (bottled water)
• 2.5 tablespoons Flax Seeds
• ¼ cup Fresh Aloe Vera Juice
• 1 teaspoon Grape Seed Oil
• 1 capsule Vitamin E Oil

Attachment 37811
(Image 5) I boiled the Flax Seeds in the water, once it got a little “slimy” I strained it and added the Aloe Vera Juice, Grape Seed Oil and Vitamin E. I put it in a spray bottle and it is not thick or heavy at all because it is so watery but still has a little smoother and “slippery” feel than just plain water or Aloe Vera Juice. There is no hard hold at all but it makes my curls POP! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Hope this helps!
Originally Posted by Marianneh
I am new to the CG method. I have been using sulfate free poos and co washing for awhile now, b4 learning about CG. I am totally in love with the idea of using natural ingredients to make my own products that I can adjust to my hair needs. I love the posts you have been doing and the recipes! I am so excited about trying them out. Thank you for being so detailed and making it easy to follow. I am a product junky in recovery and have spent more $$ than necessary on stuff that doesn't work and was bad for my hair!
Sorry didn't mean to attach all that to my response. I plan on trying the flaxseed he, and the coconut mousse! I also saw on Curly Nikki some great recipes for herbal rinses. After having my son 4 yrs ago my hair went to crap...I was getting blow outs because my curls were such a mess! NO MORE!! After being inspired by ladies like you and on this sure, I am ready to embrace my Natural Curls again! And I tell ya, after all this time...its just as curly as it was b4 my son.
Hi ingin,

You have no idea how happy I was to read your post! I am so happy my little experiments speak to you! I am glad to hear your hair is back on track!

I know what you mean about being a product junkie! I was obsessed with trying anything new. I would go to the store just to see if there was something I "could try out". Now don't get me wrong ...all store bought products are not "bad" and there is nothing wrong with buying products. There are still things that I love. I use a store bought detangling conditioner it has 98% organic ingredients and I LOVE it!

I have just gotten into the mind frame of simple is better (for me) and if I can use certain items for multi purposes I am all for that and yes it saves me $$$ big time! So with the move from store bought product junkie I am now a DIY junkie lol. I make my own protein & moisture deep treatments (I still have a store bought DC moisturizer in case I do not have all my ingredients at home or when I am lazy), my own cleanser, leave-in conditioner, spritz bottle mix, sealing oil mixture etc. I could go on and on about hair lol but I shall spare you!

Please do let me know how things work out for you when you experiment. Keep in mind you might need to tweak the mixes to fit your hair needs

All the best with your hair journey!
Could u share the other recipes youve made then?!

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Hi Lovemybaby,

I am happy to share them! I mainly have 3 DIY DC treatments. WARNING this will be a long post...sorry I like to write/explain everything lol.

Moisture DC (1x a week - I use this the most as my hair likes it).
  • 1 tablespoon of Honey
  • ¼ cup of Coconut Milk*
  • 1 overripe Banana
  • 1 tablespoon Conditioner
  • 2 tablespoons of fresh Aloe Vera Juice
  • 1 teaspoon of Grape seed Oil (any oil you want)
I first blend the first three items together, scoop it out, mix in the conditioner, Aloe Juice, Grape seed oil and apply leaving it in for at least 2 hours. Overripe bananas are easier to mash up and wash out of your hair. Banana baby food can use be used but I like using the real stuff!

* The coconut milk has very light proteins and my hair loves it but for those who's hair does not like coconut milk/protein you can skip this and use 2 overripe bananas or increase the honey.

Protein DC (Usually every 4- 6 weeks or when my hair feels weak)
  • 1 Egg*
  • 2 tablespoons of Full Fat Plain Yogurt
  • ¼ cup of Coconut Milk
  • 1 tablespoon of Conditioner
  • 1 teaspoon of Grape Seed Oil (any oil you want)
I first blend the first three items together, scoop it out, mix in the conditioner, Grape seed oil and apply leaving it in for 1 hour.

* You should wash out the DC with cold water otherwise you end up with scrambled egg in your hair! (I learnt the hard way...not fun!).If your hair is protein sensitive you might want to skip this or use much lighter proteins.

Henna/Amla Treatment*(I love the nourishing I get from Henna & Amla - usually used once a month).
  • 1 cup of Henna
  • ¼ cup of Amla
  • 1 cup of Green Tea
  • 2 tablespoons of Conditioner
  • 1 teaspoon of Grape Seed Oil
I boil the tea and then wait till it is room temperature before I add it step by step to the Henna & Amla mixing till it has a thick mashed potato consistency (I do not end up using the entire cup of tea - you want to add it slowly so you don't end up with a soupy mixture). I cover the mixture with Clingfilm pressing it down against the Henna/Amla so there is no air in the container and wait for the dye release. (No less than 4 hours/usually overnight) - it depends on your Henna and when the best dye release happens; testing is necessary to find that out. The next morning I add in the conditioner & oil (I found when I added the conditioner and Oil before dye releases is sort of slows it down/decreases it) and then apply. I have left the treatment on my hair anywhere from 3 - 4 hours or even overnight (although I stopped doing that because my head feels like a brewing sauna - the mixture becomes quite heavy and traps the heat from my scalp plus I hate getting henna on anything as it stains it with its natural dye).

* I always have to do a few rinses with my conditioner to get the Henna/Amla out of my hair and ALWAYS follow up with a Moisturizing DC because Henna/Amla can make hair a little dry but after the DC it is back to normal. This treatment is the most time consuming and can be messy so sometimes if I am lazy I use my store bought Moisturizing DC instead of mixing again.

Some people experience curl loosening with Henna since it not only coats the outside but also attaches to the core of the hair which can make the hair ‘heavy’. I have not experienced curl loosening but Amla seems to help make curls bouncy, this is why I add it to my mixture.

For all my mixtures I cover my head with Clingfilm - I gave up getting throw away shower caps and do not use heat, just let the heat from my scalp do its magic.

These are just DIY's that work for me

I do the staple Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) & Water mixture.
  • 1 part ACV
  • 3 parts water
I pour it into a spray bottle, first focusing on my scalp and massaging with my finger tips. Once I am happy with that I light spritz the length of my hair and run my hands down the length of my hair smoothing it all over.

Sealing Oil
I like to stick to three oils I occasionally mix it up the last oil. (I actually saw Naptural85 video on YouTube and based it off that, using the oils I like...she uses a few more oils).
  • 1/4 cup Almond Oil
  • 1/4 cup Grape Seed Oil
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil or whatever other oil I have at home
I only recently started using Vitamin E oil so when I next mix I will add 1 or 2 capsules.

I use an application bottle that basically can pour the oils out in drops and I use 7-8 drops per side. (I split my hair into three sections to apply - two sides and the back). The oil mixture last me a while and I also occasionally will do a little Hot oil treatment with the mix.

Ok I think I took over the board enough lol. Sorry again for all my typing/posts!
How often do u use the acv, i heard its good for porous hair, but when should i use it to close my cuticle? And i experimented today with a spray bottle of 1/4-1/8 giovanni SaS condish plus about 7 to 8 drops of coconut oil and 5 drops jojoba oil, a few drops of cnpf and water, and i think my hair liked this refresh spritz. How do u refresh/fix flyaways and stringy undone curls? I may try ur DC, im just suppoaed to avoid humectants, so id leave out the honey but i may try aloe bc everyone seems to love it, im just scared to bx its a humectant

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Hi Lovemybaby,

How often do u use the acv?
I like to use ACV once a week when I detangle my hair but if I was not too heavy handed with my products during the week I can push it longer.
I heard its good for porous hair, but when should i use it to close my cuticle?Some people like to use it after they have shampooed/co-washed/DC some people use it before all that. If you use it in terms closing the cuticle then I suggest to use it after you have done all the hair pampering because then it would "trap in" all the goodness of the DC so to speak. But some people also see it as a cleanser so you could also say that if you use it after you DC you "wash off" the goodness of the DC.
Next time you use it try to experiment with using it before and then after a DC because and see what you like. ACV not all helps to cleanse and close the hair cuticle but also restores the natural PH of the hair. If you incorporate shampoo into your routine then you do not really need this as a "cleanser" but more of a cuticle "closer" and PH restore. I personally use mine before I detangle with conditioner and apply my DC.

How do u refresh/fix flyaways and stringy undone curls?
I personally like to spritz my hair almost every morning because it helps me sort of "rearrange" my curls when I take it out of my "pineapple", and helps with the frizz/fly-aways etc. After I spritz my entire head I just run my hands down the length of my hair from roots to ends to distribute it evenly. Apart from my mixed spritz bottle I also have a plain water spritzer which I use when my hair has enough product on it already/not really frizzy - the water basically "reactivates" the products already on there.
Thank you! With ur oil spray, did u put water in it?

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Do you mean the experiment with Flax Seed/water/ Aloe Vera spray? If you do, then yes I did add water but since it is "new" I am still tweaking it. I use water to boil the flax seed just a little, strain it, add aloe, a little Grape seed oil and 1 Vit E capsule. Generally with all my mixes I mix small amounts and end up using it within a few days. It does mean I have to remix again and again but also means nothing goes "off" so I don't end up putting nasty stuff in my hair

Before this new experiment I use mix a spray leave consisting of: water, a tiny bit of conditioner and some oil.

Sometimes I think I get all excited about something based on the initial results I get when I should be looking into long term results. So I will probably be trying the coconut Aloe cream (tweaking measurements so it's neither too oily/gel-like) for 2 weeks. Then I will try just the Flax Seed/water/ Aloe Vera Leave-in spray compare what I like better and will use that.
I meant the 3 oil thing u mentioned im gna try my first fsg today!!

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Oh sorry!

No with that there is no water at all. It is the last thing I add on my hair to seal in all of the moisture I applied before. I forget who explained this on YouTube I think HeyFranHey. She said to think of the process like putting on nail polish. You put the base coat (water) the colour polish (leave in) and top coat ( sealing oil). You can of course use the water/leave in as one step if you do not use a "cream based" leave in. A lot of store bought leave-ins are creamier in consistency so it is easier to distribute it on your hair if you have some form of water first (like with a spray bottle). And then finish with a sealing oil to trap all that goodness in your hair
Oh and do please tell me your experience with FSG once you are done and what you used etc! I love hearing about other peoples experiences!
Im hoping to make it tonight and try it tmrw or monday, and ill definitely make a seal spray without water this time (feeling dumb)! Ill let u kno, but im going to probably just do regular fsg, and then one with jojoba, agave nectar, and lavender (HATE lavendar..)

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No need to feel dumb! I think this is the reason why we come online for suggestions, help advice etc. I put my sealing oils in an application bottle that I basically tilt onto my palm and it comes out in drops. I never thought about putting it in a spray bottle ...I never would have thought it would pump through but that is a neat idea! All the best with your experiments!
Lol im not sure how my experiment turned out! I used 1 cup water to 1/4 cup flaxseed, had a mesh sink strainer, and a two cup measuring glass. Anyway, i cooked the first batch, and drained it on the small strainer (as round as the glass measuring cup or sink drain exactly) and i got only ONE FOURTH of a cup from it! The gel cooled before it strained much and sealed the holes, so i put it in a teeny plastic bottle and popped it in the fridge. I thought i could get more from it than that, so i added 1 cup water to the same seeds in the pot again, and i only could pour small bits at a time into the strainer so it would drain more gel and also wouldnt overflow. I got double the gel that time, added jojoba, lavendar, and a tiny bit of agave to this one, and put it in a bottle in the fridge next to the first. Still wanted more (im hardheaded) and once again, added another cup of water to the seeds, cooked, and strained the same way, only tjis time, i got A WHOLE MEASURING CUP FULL!! Still didnt get all the gel off the flaxseeds bc it cooled before any more could strain, i added the same additives in tjis larger amount, and put it in a bottle in the fridge next to the first two. The first one (no additives) was clear, looked like maybe a jelly (bit runny). The second one (additives) may have too much lavender, and it got airbubble looking things in it? And the third, large one, (same additives) i cant tell if its too liquid or just right, but this one didnt have bubbles in it. So i got three completely different results.. I will be trying them in the next few days! How much fsg should you get in a batch when your done? What happened with my fsgs?

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Hi Lovemybaby,

I think the whole process will be a trail and error till you get it the way you like. Remember to note down each process so if you find one you like (after you apply it) you have it written down somewhere for repetitions.

Personally for me - my trials were purposefully made in small batches because I wanted to see how I like the mixtures instead of making a huge batch, not liking it and being stuck with it. Mine ended up a little dark because of the Aloe Juice and Grape Seed Oil.

I think the amount you end up with not only depends on the quantities you use but also the boiling time. If you cook it for longer it becomes thicker and also the water part evaporates more so you end up with less. You definitely can reuse the seeds (I would freeze them if you are not reusing immediately back to back) but keep in mind the more you reuse them the less gel-like substance you will end up with with each use.
Okay, thanks! But is only 1/4 a cup a nornal amount to get from 1 cup water to 1/4 flax? Or do u think i could have got more

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Yeah that would be about right... 2-3 ounces or 1/4 cup sounds about right with those amounts. If you used a little more water and perhaps a little more flax seeds (for thicker gel) you would get a little more. Take a look at these videos. They might be helpful Do It Yourself: Homemade Natural Hair Gel with Flaxseeds - YouTube
DIY Beauty | Organic Flax Seed Gel (All-Natural Alternative To Hair Gel) - YouTube

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