Flax Gel & Coconut Butter (has anyone tried this?)

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Tried my first gel, and it was SO THICK. Is it supposed to be? I had to pull some apart and rub it together for it to get easier to spread lol and my hair is crunchy :/ ill see how it is after i scrunch it out.

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In my personal opinion it shouldn't. I am not saying something went wrong when I say it shouldn't I mean that I wouldn't want it to. It is possible for it to turn out very thick. How long did you boil it for? Like I said amounts and boiling time also affects it...the longer it boils the thicker it gets. If it is really thick then the hair can end up flat and heavy. Yes try to get rid of the crunchiness with scrunching. But if your hair is really really stiff I don't know how much scrunching you might need.
I wish i would have heard of this gel sooner! I looked at it (finally got things done and got to set baby girl down fora couple mins) and it looks GREAT! I LOVE it! Its definitely a must have product, im gna be returning my kccc, and getting either aussie instant freeze or brhg to go on top of it!

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Whays funny is i didnt cook it but for like two or three mins, shorter than the second and third batch, but got a thicker gel. I dont think i stirred it once it strained though, which might he why its so goopy

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Its a bit frizzy, but my coconut oil i normally use to seal before the gel wasnt thawed out so i skipped it. If it wasnt that, did i put too little in?

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Well it might be that you didn't put enough on but I am not sure how much you used on your hair. It also might be the scrunching afterwards...if you scrunched it a lot to get rid of the crunchiness that could potentially cause a bit of frizz... as well as if you normally use Coconut Oil to "combat" frizz and had to skip that. I am glad you enjoy the look! I say experiment your heart away. Maybe make little batches and see what works best for you.
Do u kno of any curl enhancers? I need sonething to encourage my curl like the sm curl and style milk and ecostyler did, i cant use those products tho bc i have high dews here and i think shea ia too heavy for my hair and eco nade my hair nasty

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I am probably not the best person to ask about that. I get the best definition when I do twists on wet hair. I then, rock that look for as long as I can. I also like the look of my Wash-n-Go's on days 4,5,6 because it just has volume but good clumping/curl definition due to the fact that I make sure my hair is really moisturized to try and tame frizz (my hair can get frizzer the longer I wear a style). Sometimes I do not mind the frizz and other times I do (it's a mood thing with me).

I also make sure when I apply my products whether it is my leave-in,gels, oils etc that my hair is at least moist because that helps with distribute the product, clump and encourage my curls.
Another thing I forgot to mention...again this is my personal experience... when I started to detangle my hair with my fingers I got better curl definition and clumping.
Do u have any suggestions for frizz? I cant seem to get rid of frizz since ive gone cg..

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Whenever I have had the most frizz is because 1. I have had my hair out for a while (e.g. wash-n-go, twist out, braid out, bantu knot out etc) and 2. my hair wants moisture.

I will either co-wash my hair or make sure I spritz it really well and apply my leave-in

Another thing I found out is that my hair just does not like me playing around with my curls. When my hair is dry I try to not touch it because that is just asking for frizz. I know there are some hair serums people use but I honestly am not the best person to ask about that as I do not use them. My spritz and leave-in always seems to do the trick.


I recently added Aloe Juice which my hair loves but I know you said your hair is not too keen on that. Using oils after spritzing seems to help some as well.
You know what came to my mind! Maybe you are overdoing the protein a little? I have read that too much protein can also sometimes cause frizz.

I limit my protein because otherwise my hair becomes really hard, brittle, rough (just not nice) and I have to do A LOT of moisturizing treatments to get it back to normal. So maybe try throw in a purely moisturizing DC in there. Again this is just my suggestions ...please take this as advice and not "golden rules". I am not a professional hair guru! I would hate to think that I cause you/your hair any grief.
Im not 100% sure if my hair hates aloe, so im gna try it again, but what form do u get yhe aloe and does the brand matter? I want to try it with fsg. Do u diffuse? I found that my hair does like creamy leave ins alot, and oils thank u, its hard to find ppl to answer questions all the time!

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I use giovanni SaS to condition daoly or every other day, but thats all the protein i use exept for a weekly treatment of CNPF and a deep conditioner afterwords

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It's my pleasure... I have to admit I am a little bit of a Hair addict so I enjoy replying!

Yeah maybe just try to switch it up and see if you hair likes it (just a suggestion please do not shoot me if it doesn't help!) :P

I actually get my Aloe Juice directly from the plant in my garden (I am a big DIY-er) lol. You just want to make sure you are getting 100% pure Aloe Juice I think that is the biggest thing.

All of my suggestions are exactly that ...just suggestions so please do use whatever you feel will help you.
How do u get volume? My roots lay flat against my head, and teasibg messes up the curls :/

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I usually will flip my hair over so basically tilt forward and let my hair fall over my face and first sort of shake my head from side to side and back to front. Then while my hair is still forward i use my finger tips to gently massage my scalp basically just softly touching my roots in a circular motion.

The head tilting thing really helps. When I massage my scalp I am be gentle and don't go too crazy because otherwise it results in frizzy roots.

Also when I apply my Leave-in I do not really saturate my roots because that just makes them heavy I am light handed with it and the same goes for applying my sealing oil. The length of my hair is where I put a little more of both.
I just use yes to cukes shampoo, giovanni smooth as silk condish, and plain fsg. I get buildup and have to clarify with a sulfate shampoo every week and a half to two weeks, and thats the only day my hair looks and feels good. I have hard water, so should i start using my sulfate shampoo regularly? Ive tried flipping and massaging, then my ends fly out and i cant get them to calm down. They fly away from my head, straight out. Twisting controls the bottom of my hair, but not my middle area of my hair. Should i diffuse as well, or use a curling iron?

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Well seeing as I do not use shampoo I can not say yes use MORE. I have always found Shampoo way to harsh for my hair. To clarify I use Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water. I use a Cone free and paraben free conditioner. If I were using a conditioner with cones then my Apple Cider Vinegar cleanser would not be able to get rid of them. Now I am not sure what is in your conditioner if it does contain cones then a sulfate shampoo would needed to remove them as they build up layer upon layer and do not let moisture, proteins etc into the hair shaft because the cons basically fill in the gaps in the hair cuticle (they do not really contain anything moisuturizing for the hair). However I would suggest that you try to do an Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Cleanse. Check how you hair feels after that.

ACV restores the PH level of our hair, it helps to lay the cuticles of our hair down - so it basically closes the 'gaps' in the cuticle (versus filling them up), it can help detangle hair, makes hair shinny - because the gaps in the cuticle lay flat and therefore reflect light better (the list goes on!). Do a little research online in case you are interested to try.

I have not used heat on my hair in years so again I can not say yes use heat. Sorry I just do not feel comfortable telling people to do something that I would/do not do myself. In the past I use to use a hair dryer and I had a s*** flat iron that had no setting option apart from "burn" lol. So I am probably not the best person to ask about that.
This is how my hair looks

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