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Marianneh 07-25-2013 07:22 AM

Flax Gel & Coconut Butter (has anyone tried this?)
Hi ladies/gents,

So I am very big into mixing my own concoctions for my hair. I try to mix up as much of my own stuff (it is not always possible to make EVERYTHING but I will get there lol). When it comes to twisting my hair, I usually use a tiny tiny amount of my store bought Gel and a store bought "moisturizing hair cream". Both products are good I mean no crunchiness, oiliness etc but I feel like I could probably get better "hold" in my twist outs and I would like them to last longer. Plus I would feel better about knowing what I am putting in my hair. I can not get my hands on Cocoa Butter/ Shea Butter in my area (which I hate because I want to use them to mix my own creams etc) and I only recently got my hands on Flax seeds. But it is time I have decided to experiment!!! :tongue10:

I just saw a video about making coconut butter (using raw unsweetened natural coconut flakes). So instead of Coco/Shea butter I will experiment with Coconut Butter (make the best of what you've got right?) ;-)

So I was wondering if anyone else has tried any of the below (if so please do let me know how it went for you).

Experiment 1.
1a. Boil Flax seeds in 50% Aloe Vera Juice (directly from the plant) and 50% water to make the gel.
1b. Make Coconut butter
Use the Coconut butter as a "moisturizing cream" and then lightly coat with the Gel.

Experiment 2.
2a. Same method as above but once I have both products I would use a container and combine the gel to the Coconut Butter!

Experiment 3. I read this on a blog.
3. Boil the flax seeds in coconut cream (I am not sure if the lady used cream or milk but apparently it gets a little thicker and creamer compared to when it is just boiled with water).

I would store each in the fridge to keep them from going "off" too quickly and I would only make small enough batches so I do not waste anything. if anyone else has tried please do let me know!

wavydaze 07-29-2013 05:31 PM

Have you tried them yourself? How did they work out?

Marianneh 07-31-2013 10:30 AM

Hi wavydaze,

I am planning on trying them this weekend. I was waiting till I have time to mix up my stuff and then will probably do some twists to test them out. :blob4:

I am thinking of doing the first two for now. I am not sure about the last one (boiling flax seeds in coconut milk). I contacted the lady where I read that mixture to ask some questions.

Once I do try them out I will let you know how they went if you are interested :)

Thanks for writing back btw!

wavydaze 08-01-2013 10:53 AM

Sure! Let me know how it works out!

Lovemybaby 08-01-2013 07:19 PM

Where do u get flaxseed, and how do u make regular flaxseed gel?

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Alessandrraaaa 08-01-2013 09:19 PM

Mi make everything I use on my hair myself flaxseed gel and mud wash also a shea butter hair cream that I use as a leave in and a masque

Alessandrraaaa 08-01-2013 09:22 PM



Lovemybaby 08-02-2013 08:14 AM

So, flaxseed is 1. On ur list?! I gotta try it.. I bought KCCC and i dont think its for me.. Either that or the tresemme naturals conditioner is horrible with my hair.... I think its my conditioner, but not sure :( it dries my hair out.. Coconut oil is savin the frizzyness.. But somethings reavting badly..

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Marianneh 08-02-2013 01:29 PM

Update (more to come)
Hi Ladies,

I only did small sample sizes for testing purposes first:

1. While it was "butterish" it had a slightly "grainy" feel to it (minuscule flakes). I still wanted to test patch so I smeared it on a little section and yes there were little flakes (washed it out). I will not be buying a new blender current one works for all other things. Maybe I need to blend it more...I did blend quite a bit, but got a little worried because the blender got warm...anyways.

2. I have never used Flax Seed before but I like it with Aloe Vera and water. Shiny,soft, defined hair! :)

3. I will be making a leave in conditioner with the Flax Seed mixture but a much more liquid based version with a little oil and probably something else (working it out).

4. I continued to do research on coconut annnnd you can make coconut moose/cream as well as lotion consistency for hair and skin from coconut oil using a whisk!!!! :blob2: The coconut oil should not be a solid block nor melted. You can add essential oils as well. It was first thick, (whisk more) then creamy (and more) and then light and fluffy. For the body lotion you can whisk it till it becomes like body lotion.

5. I will be mixing the Flax Seed gel with the fluffy "coconut moose/cream" in the next few days once I detangle my hair and twist.

Anyways so basic update:

Coconut flakes did not work for me (probably due to my blender or impatiance).
Flax seed gel - LIKE
Flax seed Leave-In - in process
Coconut moose - LIKE
Coconut Moose & Flax seed gel - will test

Will keep you posted!

Lovemybaby 08-02-2013 03:58 PM

Hows the hold on flaxseed/aloe?! Once you figire out the coconut creams and others, and if they work,ill be really interested in trying them bc my hair LOVES coconut!!

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wavydaze 08-02-2013 06:28 PM

how do you make the coconut mousse/cream?

Marianneh 08-03-2013 12:27 PM

Hi Lovemybaby & wavydaze,

Lovemybaby: from the sample size I made it had good hold! It had a tiny tiny hint of crunch but I just ran my hand down the length of my hair once it was completely dry and it went away instantly. I suppose the thicker and heavier the gel the more crunch but it still did not have the stiff feeling I sometimes get with regular gels. Also there was no white flakes you sometimes get when you try to get rid of the crunchy feeling with regular gels. I LOVE it :D
I will keep you posted on here regarding the coconut mixtures :)

Wavydaze: you basically just need to make sure that the coconut oil is not rock solid and not completely liquid (runny oil). It should be soft enough for you to be able to push your fingers in it like soft Ice Cream... if that makes sense. At that consistency just put it in a bowl, add a few drops of essential oil (optional) and use a whisk to fluff it. It is of course easier to make if you have an electric whisk set it to medium speed and watch to see it reach that fluffy consistency. If you continue to whisk it it will then get to the "body lotion" consistency. I do not have an electric whisk so I manually whisked (my arms were tired but it worked). Also your room temperature will affect it... if you live in really hot and humid weather it can start to go too runny and if it is really cold it will harden up. So you might need to stick it in the fridge for a few minutes in between whisking if your house is warm (like mine).

Hope that helps :)

Marianneh 08-03-2013 12:31 PM

I forgot to say you can also add Vitamine E oil if you want!

Lovemybaby 08-03-2013 01:15 PM

Is there anything i could use thats not a humectant in the flaxseed?

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Marianneh 08-03-2013 01:40 PM

You do not need to use Aloe Vera you can just use plain water I just use Aloe because I like it. I am actually going to try the Flax Seed without the Aloe to see how my hair likes that. I am a HUGE DIY person lol. I am in the process of getting my final final routine down. So far I have my routines but I want to incorporate as much natural ingredients as I can into my routine which is why I am experimenting with gels and creams etc.

Good Luck with your Flax Seed and let me know if you like it!

Lovemybaby 08-03-2013 02:41 PM

Do u kno of anything i could put in that would benefit high porosity hair by chance? And have u figured out a homeade cream/leave in? :) i definitely want to try the coconut moose

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Marianneh 08-04-2013 12:10 AM

Hi Lovemybaby,

From what I understand, high porosity hair basically means that the cuticles do not lie flat because you have "gaps" in the cuticle. So what you want is something that will "fill" in the gaps in the cuticles. My suggestion would be Coconut Oil.

You mentioned your hair loves coconut. Coconut oil not only is easily absorbed into the core of any hair in general but it also helps to "fill in the gaps". I am not a hair expert by any stretch of the imagination but I would suggest: you boil the flax seeds with plain water and once you get to the right point (white bubbles on the top of the mixture) take it off the flame. Strain the seeds out and then directly add in coconut oil to the "gel" before it cools down to room temp. Maybe someone else will have other suggestions :)

Also another thing I stumbled upon on is Gelatin gel. Using plain unflavored Gelatin with water to make a gel. (I have not tried this). Gelatin does have small amounts of protein so if your hair is protein sensitive I don't know if you will want to try that...but again from what I think I read somewhere, proteins can help "fill" the gaps in high porosity hair. (I do not have high porosity hair so I am just speaking from the research I have done). Please just take this is advice and not facts hehe.

I am still working out my Leave-In but I am getting close! I will post all of my experiments in case someone wants to try.

Lovemybaby 08-04-2013 05:31 AM

Thank you! Ive been experimenting with coconut oil and protein, and i think my hair likes them, but i gta figure out the right amounts. Ill be waiting for more of your products!

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Marianneh 08-08-2013 06:59 AM

Final update :D
5 Attachment(s)
Hi Ladies,

Sorry for the delayed update. Things have been hectic, work, friends/family and I am trying to get my Blog and Youtube sorted! Anywho….

1. Coconut cream update:
I use the whisk to work the coconut oil from a semi solid state till it becomes fluffy and light (first pic). I put it in a container (second pic). You can use it as it is for hair and skin or mix is essential oils etc and add to other things (like I did explained below). I like working with this consistency but my house is extremely warm so I might revisit this when it gets cooler.
Attachment 37807, Attachment 37808

2. Coconut Cream/Flax Seed Gel Update:
I tried the cream with flax seed gel as a coconut/flax gel. (third pic) is when I poured some fresh Flax Seed Gel over the whipped coconut cream. (Fourth pic) is of the two mixed together. I like using this mixture again because of the consistency and feel. Once more I have to mention about the room temperature!
Attachment 37809, Attachment 37810

3. Flax Seed/ Aloe Vera Leave-in:
So I basically used a very diluted Flax Seed Gel.
• 2 cups of water (bottled water)
• 2.5 tablespoons Flax Seeds
• ¼ cup Fresh Aloe Vera Juice
• 1 teaspoon Grape Seed Oil
• 1 capsule Vitamin E Oil

Attachment 37811
(Image 5) I boiled the Flax Seeds in the water, once it got a little “slimy” I strained it and added the Aloe Vera Juice, Grape Seed Oil and Vitamin E. I put it in a spray bottle and it is not thick or heavy at all because it is so watery but still has a little smoother and “slippery” feel than just plain water or Aloe Vera Juice. There is no hard hold at all but it makes my curls POP! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Hope this helps! :)

Lovemybaby 08-08-2013 07:22 AM

Does the mousse afd volume/decrease frizz? And on the cream/flaxseed gel, does it go on good and does it hold curl?

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