DIY Setting Powder

Has anyone tried making their own DIY Setting Powder for their makeup routine?

I use the following recipe (Sorry I don't measure anything out. I just mix it together until it looks good to me.):

- Bentonite Clay (helps with acne, but be careful, it can be a bit drying if you have a dry skin type)
- Cornstarch (I use roughly a 3:1 ratio of Cornstarch to Bentonite clay.)
- A dash of turmeric (for yellow tone, and it helps with acne)
- A dash of Mineral makeup for color so it's lightly toned as apposed to being white. I use Everyday Minerals Base. They offer free samples on their website:
- Optionally instead of using mineral makeup for color, you can use cocoa powder. I need a pinker tone, so I opt for the mineral makeup.

My only con with this DIY powder is it's messy! I use a dense blush brush to apply it, and it goes everywhere into the air! I need to find a way to make this powder heavier. Any suggestions?

It does set my makeup very well though. I use this recipe instead of buying Everyday Minerals Finishing Dust. I like EM better, and it is much less messy, but's it's basically $12 cornstarch in a jar. My recipe ~$1 per batch. So I don't mind the messiness of it! I've learned to put a towel over my shirt when I apply it.
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I tried corn starch as setting powder...Let me just share my experience with it. It was absolutely horrible for my skin and I don't recommend using it. Especially if you have sensitive skin or skin that breaks out easily. I tried this over the summer when I get extra oily. First of all, it looked dry and cakey on me, and made me look ashy. The worst part was it congested my pores really bad and I broke out in cystic acne. BAD. My skin was inflamed and infected. It literally looked and felt like abscesses on my face and neck. It was the worse break out I have ever experienced and I am not exaggerating. Now that I have the cysts under control, I now have huge scars on my face that are being prepped for laser removal by my derm (I get monthly chemical peels and facials). Upon doing some research I found that cornstarch GROWS bacteria and that was the cause for my SEVERE break out. I stay away from anything with talc or cornstarch and stick to clean, natural minerals. I know some people's skin can tolerate ingredients like cornstarch, but PLEASE use caution when trying new things.
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