Goat milk?

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So I've gotten to the DIY stage of my natural hair journey and have been experimenting with a few shea butter mixes. I know goat's milk is supposed to be very moisturizing and wondered about how to use it for hair. I was thinking of using some in a shea butter mix. I know nubian heritage makes a shea butter infused with goats milk and chai. Anyone have any other suggestions or experiences with using goat milk or any milk for hair?
My first thought was that everything about a goat (meat, milk, cheese) has an incredibly strong, acrid smell. I'd be extra careful that it was a minor ingredient in whatever product, or that some equally strong fragrance offsets it. My mom used to fix us things like curried goat as a kid, along with some roti and mauby. Delicious. Now I don't really eat anything associated with goats though. /tangent
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Would you use fresh, canned, or dried, instant goat's milk?

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I'd be afraid it'd go rancid in your hair, unless you used it in a rinse or in a shorter treatment type of dealie. It can have an ammonia type of smell, which I agree isn't extremely pleasant. I use it in my homemade soap bars, but I haven't used them on my hair in quite a while because soap + hard water = gross.
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I was planning on using dried goats milk because it seems like it would be easier to work with that way.
I agree.

Baby Fine 3B, low porosity, normal density and elasticity
CGing since July 2008

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