Flax seeds expiration

I bought a bag if flax seeds about 6 months ago and then forgot about them in the cupboard. Do they spoil?
I think you can still use yours, my mom bought some in like late summer/fall 2013 & the printed date on the bag says "Best by 10/1/2014" so they last pretty long.
They stay the freshest if you keep them in the freezer. Flax tends to go rancid easily, if not refrigerated. I personally would not trust them.
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I've had some for years, and they were fine. I just got out of the habit of using them on salads, etc. because I got out of the habit of grinding them so that I'd have them ready. When I learned about FSG, I started using them for that, and noticed no problems. Then I decided to use them on food again, and they were still fine for eating, with no rancidity. (They had been stored in plastic, in a dark cupboard.)

Seeds can last for thousands of years. They've even been able to germinate seeds taken from ancient Egyptian tombs. I don't know if flax was among those, but it's an ancient plant, one of the first things humans cultivated, and was used by the Egyptians to produce linen cloth.

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