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So I have been a dedicated fan of Kinky Curly leave in. It's all I have used as a leave in for as long as I can remember- anything else never did the trick. Well I ran out and because of lack of funds and the fact I'm leaving town soon, I just couldn't get another bottle. So reluctantly, I made a bottle with a recipie I found on here of leave in with EVVO, my RO conditioner and distilled water.

So far the results are AMAZING.

I did not think it would be okay on my hair because my hair is pretty darn thin.
I haven't had a chance to wear my
Hair down yet since I've started, it's been up all week for work, so I don't know if the curls lay properly or not. But from what I've seen from my typical messy buns my curls are thicker and softer then ever, less frizzy, again I wasn't to emphasize SOFT, I have naturaly very brittle hair. And to my surpise, not oily! This is better than KCLI

I use about 6 oz distilled water
2 and half caps EVOO
I don't know how much exactly of my RO, I'd guess about 3 table spoons.

Try it ladies! Even if you have thin hair like me
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I've been using it for more than a week now. I've learned do not spray directly on scalp- doesn't make it greasy to the point it's gross, but deff more than it should espesially for first day hair
High Porosity
Hopefully I try this for my hair. Olive oil is good for hair health and growth..

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