i tried the banana hair mask!! :)

i really think ill like how my hair looks tomorrow after doing this hair mask, heres what i did:

i liquified my overly ripe banana. if you puree you will probably get chunks - i did it in my blender. if you dont do this step and just mash it youll probly have chunks in your hair for days!
after this, i added less than a tablespoon of honey. ive liked honey with conditioner and thought this would be nice

i wet my hair and then took handfuls and applied it all over my hair and shaft - i didnt really touch my scalp much, because sometimes i get greasy.

i put it in a shower cap and left it on for a half an hour. now i had to wrap a towel around my neck because it dripped, but not too much - could handle it while doing homework.

i rinsed it out and my hair felt super soft. i scrunched in FOTE aloe vera gel and that took out a lot of water. im plopping overnight and adding pictures in the morning - stay posted!!
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Where are the pictures? lol I've been dying to see it lol.
Congratualtions I'm glad it worked for you. This regimen is a staple of mine. I have a sep-by-step and pics in my fotki. It's hard to make it and not eat it.
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Is deep conditioning with heat possible with the banana mask?
I have tried this several times except I use yogurt (full fat original) and baby food bananas.

This recipes seems to naturally relax curls a bit. DOes it do the same thing without the yogurt?
I have tried this several times except I use yogurt (full fat original) and baby food bananas.

This recipes seems to naturally relax curls a bit. DOes it do the same thing without the yogurt?
Originally Posted by vkb247

I was wondering if this would help relax my curls a little bit also...mainly my roots, which have a mind of their own!
this sounds good. are there any pictures.

I have tried doing this with avocado and olive oil and it leaves my hair shiny and soft. I try to do it once i can.. oh, i leave it on for about an hour too.
I tried this last night:
-1 liquified banana
-1 tbs honey
-1 tsp EVOO
mixed up, applied all over hair, put on shower cap and let it sit 45 minitues.

It was reallyyyy hard to rinse out. There were lots of little banana chunks everywhere.. I guess I didn't liquify it enough! But the results are great! My hair is really springy and shiny today
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oooo I bought banana's today I'll definitely try this recipe out, thanks for sharing it!

Edit: So tried the recipe and I am a big fan of it. My hair was noticable softer however my hair is an even bigger fan of avocado, coconut milk and honey DT.
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Is the banana mask applied to dry hair or wet hair?
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