Cayenne/Paprika/Cinnamon Mix?

Ok so I've heard of the Cayenne/Olive Oil mix but what about a Cayenne/Paprika/Cinnamon Mix? I've read that all three of these spices increase blood circulation so I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to attempt this mix before or if this would be such a good idea...?
In the book "How to grow hair in 12 weeks" by a woman that right now I cant recall off hand she has a recipe for those ingredients. Its used with a plain white toothpaste to create the thickness needed and its gently brushed on in circles with a soft tooth brush on the areas of the scalp where thinning is present. I tried it and it was pretty stout! burned a little and heavens dont let it near your eyes!. I dont know if it actually worked but back then I was trying just about anything to get my hair back following a diagnoses of PCOS...
Oh ok, so you use toothpaste and the mix w/ a toothbrush? Ok I guess I'll try that lol. Oh yeah, it does burn a little lol ouch! What's PCOS?
Won't it be drying with the toothpaste? Cinnamon has also been reported to lighten hair and burns if used too much. Noticed anything?
You could also try mixing paprika and/or cinnamon to your conditioner. I heard that paprika can add a red tint and that cinnamon can lighten hair and also add a red tint. Just start with a teaspoon of cinnamon first, because it could burn used too much, then keep adding more. Try a patch test first though, in case of allergies.

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