Is shea butter supposed to smell bad?

I just tried making some shealoe and I'm not sure it came out correctly. And I'm wondering if I got ripped off on the shea butter. It is supposed to be raw/unrefined but it is yellow and doesn't smell good at all.

Should shealoe have slip?
It depends on what your definition of "bad" is. Personally, I can't stand the smell of shea butter, but it's not a "bad" smell. Good shea butter has a "nutty" smell. I've found that better quality unrefined shea butter has a pretty strong nutty smell and I just don't like it. Bleah. Some people love it, though.

I absolutely love the way she works, so I mix it 50/50 with cocoa butter and it smells much better. When I whip it, I whip with coconut oil, which really makes it smell yummy.
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Where do you buy your cocoa butter?
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CVS sells Queen Helene 1oz bars for around $1. It's pure, not additives. I also get it in 7oz jars from Chamberlin's, a health food store similar to Whole Foods. They carry the Now brand.
Nappy is not an 'N' word.

The only shea butter I've had experience with is the unrefined type. It smells "nutty", but is not foul by any means, and nor should it ever be.

If it's rancid, then the shea butter is bad. If it has no odor that means it's pretty old stuff.

East African shea tends to be a bit oilier and will spread more easily when used in just the raw form. West African shea is a harder butter and won't spread as easily. Personally, since I never use straight shea, I don't mind if it's hard.

I like making whipped shea butter using oils to help make it smoother. I'm sure aloe vera gel/juice would work well too. Adding some corn starch or rice powder will help with the slip of whipped shea butter if you're using it for your body.

I use for my shea butter and cocoa butter needs. They have great customer service, but recently the couple who runs it were in a car accident and they've slowed a bit. Instead of 1-2 days to ship, it's now about a week. Which still isn't bad considering their prices are great.
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