Has anyone tried to make chitosan hair gel?

You can get chitosan 500mg. (1/2 gm.) capsules pretty cheaply at Lucky Vitamin and you only need a gram/liter to make it gel, from what I read, but I haven't the vaguest about how acid the mix would have to be and what temps. would work. Chitosan is a firm but flexible hold when it's in commercial hair gels, but the only two on the market, Matrix and Korres have 'cones and other nasty stuff in them. If there's anyone here with a source about how to create a usable gel--maybe with a little fatty moisturing ingredient like whipped shea butter mixed in or a humectant like golden syrup--please let me know.

Last edited by JusLooking; 04-03-2009 at 07:12 PM.
Never thought of it. I have some chitosan lying around so I shall try it.

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