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To those using the 50:50 water:aloe vera combo, are you using aloe vera gel or aloe vera juice? I have pure aloe vera gel, not the juice. And sorry if this sounds stupid, but where can you get the juice? Is it something you can actually drink?
you can find aloe juice at whole foods, amazon, gnc and vitamin shoppe and yes you can drink it.. There are multiple kinds but this is a popular brand:
Last Relaxer Feb 2008 - Fully Natural March 2009


2 tbsp Glycerin
1 tbsp Proclaim Olive 7-Oil
3 cups Distilled Water
.5 tbsp Doo Groo
1 tsp Tea Tree Oil

I use an empty and clean body mist bottle from Bath Body Works as my spray bottle.
Originally Posted by SugarNuts

Which Doo Gro do you use... It seems an easy mixture to try - i have 4c hair
Stupid question.... But what's it for?
Rose water
Refreshes skin and hair
Make sure it doesn't have unnecessary additives like alcohol or make your own
I like just 50:50 water:aloe
Originally Posted by WurlyLox
like aloe gel? or aloe juice?
Just starting CG (04/18/13)
2C/3A hair, medium texture, normal porosity (I think!)
Trying out: Suave Naturals wild strawberry (co-wash) Garnier Fructis Pure and Clean fortifying conditioner, Redken crystal curls 6, Live Clean Argan Oil Treatment, Pantene curl shaping gel
Thinking of trying: Live Clean Argan oil conditioner or Live Clean Bali Oil conditioner....who recommends them?
Lately I've been using a spray with a little epsom salt and glycerin dissolved in water to enhance my waves. After I finish this batch, I think I'll try using some kind of oil instead of glycerin.

If I can find the unused oil mister in my house (or maybe buy a new one, if my mom got rid of it), I think I will make my own sheen spray once I finish the one I have. It seems like the brand I own (Profectiv Mega Growth) is the ONLY brand on the market that doesn't contain mineral oil. But I'd like to try my own custom blend of oils!
mostly 2a/2b hair, fine, medium density, low porosity?
I made this beach waves spray

DIY Beach Waves Sea Salt Texturizing Spray

First day with it. I used it with a little fsg for day one but I might add more later during the day or as a day 2. I has Epsom salt, aloe Vera gel, distilled water, a little conditioner, and some sea salt.

I have very fine, 2b/3a hair.
im gonna try this! thanks
Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty.

Amnel Holguin
I've made different recipes and I think they could work for you depending on your hair.

I've used diluted honey. It helps with definition, moisture cuz it's a humectant, and lightening (just heat it up or microwave it if you dont want lightening)

Infused vinegar or just plain vinegar if you can stand the smell.. I've infused tea bags and orange peels or lemon peels with it and it really helped with the smell. Some people even said it smelled nice and I've tried different recipes too. It could be citrusy if you used lemon or orange peels or floral with chamomile hibiscus.. Whatever you want. Or you could add cinnamon sticks, but it can also lighten. Just a table spoon in water is enough. Make sure you dilute it when you need it. And you dont need to refrigerate it until you add water.

You can use plain rosewater - you can infuse it too like with the vinegar.

Aloe vera - im not sure but I've heard good things about it. Some say it's really moisturizing and some say it has traces of protein. Just try to get it as pure as it can be.. Some have alcohol in them.

Tea - chamomile is supposed to be conditioning and lightening, hibiscus is supposed to be conditioning, black tea is supposed to help with shedding. You should probably refrigerate it cuz it goes bad. My chamomile went bad in a week

Diluted conditioner

Oil and water - lightly and a little is enough.. No one wants greasy hair.

You can even try a mixture of this if you want. Ask me questions if you have any, pretty much all of this is from experience..
After reading up on DIY mists for 2nd day curls I made my own and love the results!

I used:
  • 150ml distilled water
  • 3 pumps leave-in conditioner
  • 1 tsp coconut oil (not 100% pure which is thick, but a liquid form or it will clog up your spray nozzle)
  • 5 drops lavender essential oil
Shake very well and spray over hair to lightly dampen but not wet. Scrunch and let air dry and...voilà! Great 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. day curls!

Depending on your hair you can adjust the ingredients for more/less moisturising, scent etc.
Whirly curly gurly type 3A, living it and loving it!
Simply mix the following ingredients together in a spray bottle:
4 drops of vitamin E oil
1/2 cup of rose water
1/2 cup distilled water
2 drops of ylang ylang essential oil
2 drops of rose essential oil

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