Homemade Deep conditioners

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are frozen bananas OK for DC
and how thick should the solution be?
Originally Posted by frederica
I've only used fresh so far, but I dont see frozen being a problem. My solution is as thick as the average deep conditioner. Think of brownie batter. If you want it thinner, maybe you can blend a little bit of coconut milk or thinner conditioner in it.
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U will need
1 small jar of real mayonnaise
1/2 of an avocado
I love using the homemade recipes on my hair. I recently lost quite a bit of hair due to damage from coloring, which has forced me to really start a taking care of my hair.
Last week I PT with an Egg and Honey for about 2hrs, followed by a Mayo, Honey and EVCO with heat. Bio Infusion shampoo, Conditioner and ACV rinse. This has worked best on my hair so far.
This week I will be trying Banana, Honey and EVOO.
U will need
1 small jar of real mayonnaise
1/2 of an avocado
Originally Posted by EmmaJJ
I was recommended by the hair stylist to put the mayonnaise in my hair and wear it for four hours once a week. I haven't tried it yet. I'm afraid my husband would mean I'm going insane I have already shocked him with my bread deep treatment
Emma, how long do you treat your hair in this way? And how often?
I decided to go ahead and do my first deep conditioning ever tonight. I made it from 1/4 cup of each of the following: first EVOO, second Grape Seed Oil, and third cold pressed Extra Virgin Sesame Seed Oil (flaxseed and jojoba were not available, or I would have added the same amount of them too). I had to leave a swill of the mixture in the bottom of the 2 cup measuring beaker, because by the time I had all but that amount on the hair, it was beginning to drip off like water, so I had to quickly grab towels and plug the gap.

I ended up flushing my eyes with cold water due to getting some of the moisture in them. I have had the deep conditioner under towels for about an hour now. I think I will wash it out so that it does not get all over my pillow. Thanks to everyone for the great posts that have helped me get to this point.

By the way, does anyone think we could get Lady Gaga to write and perform a song that would be called "Curl Monster"? If anyone, I think she could pull it off plus accompanying wardrobe.
Actually, upon just removing the towels, the deep conditioner is staying in for another 4 hours while I sleep. The pillow isn't that good. By morning my hair should be. I am going to do a water and baking soda with lemon juice wash to cleanse the oils. I hope this works out well...

On the plus side of things so far, my hair seems to curl with ease even with these three oils on it. Hooray for penetrating lasting moisture.

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