recipe for darkening hair??

I just dyed my hair dark brown, it turned out nearly black... but now, where i previously had very light blonde, the color seems to be fading and it looks... like ****.

so, does anyone know of any simple home remedys for darkening color?
I think I read somewhere that mixing ground coffee with conditioner is supposed to darken hair or something....I'm not sure though.
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like honey will lighten your hair, ive heard molasses will darken your hair.
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I have heard about coffee too. Brew some really strong coffee and use it as a rinse after shampooing, or after condish if you rinse it out. It might take some time to see a difference, but it could work
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Try Amla Oil. It's an indian oil with amla (fruit) extract. It's supposed to naturally darken the strand into a deep luscious black. It's really darkened my hair nicely. It's NOT a dye or anything.

the name is Dabur Amla. It smells kinda strong, though. But you only use it for an hour and wash it out. I like the smell, personally.

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