Ive read that men love the smell of things that remind them of vanilla and cinnamon. That these two scents evoke passion and romance. Hence is why its so popular in candles and air freshners. Here is my question. I want to make a shampoo and conditioner that smells strongly of cinnamon but there are no product lines that offer this scent. Im a huge fan of anyting smelling of warm baked yummies!..Sauve had a vanilla line but its not on the shelves anymore and so I thought if I could make my own scent how could I do it?. Can anyone give me some ideas or pointers on how to scent my own product. Id love to smell the aroma of warm cinnamon in a hair shampoo and conditioner.
I wonder if BPAL (black pheonix alchemy lab) has any smellies that would work for you?

Their collection is ungodly huge.
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I've ordered a of different fragrance oils from The Sage .com that I really like. They have one called Cinnamon Bear that you might like (I haven't tried it). They also have lots of fixed oils that are great for hair at good prices.
I love the scent natural cinnamon. Keep in mind that cinnamon, clove and several others are drying to skin and hair as well as having anti-bacterial properties...
I have heard of adding cinnamon to your conditioner, but start with a teaspoon ( it could burn) and keep adding if you can handle it. I heard that it tingles and could stimulate hair growth, however cinnamon can also lighten hair and maybe even add a reddish tint. So, be careful. Make sure you do a patch test first, in case of allergies.

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