My ayurvedic herb scalp pomade

I infused my own oils, which love and have really been working well for me.

Whole amla in grape seed oil
hibiscus, marigolds, & lavender in grape seed oil
nettles, horestail, comfery in grape seed oil

I think I might try this, where did you purchase the jojoba esters?
Originally Posted by Curly_Jammy
I've been hearing a lot about ayuverdic herbs...where can I go to get info? What's so special about them? Do you think infusing nettle green tea bags in oil will have the same or nearly the same results as infusing pure nettle? How would you suggest going about that?
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I made a pomade!!! YAY me

I infused amla, brahmi, bhringraj, hibiscus and nettles in fractionated coconut oil and used jojoba esters to thicken to consistency of a pomade. The result, a really light and super penetrative scalp pomade. For strength, conditioning and hair growth (also a eucalyptus EO blend for itches)

Below are picts:

infused oil (I originally infused 8 oz of oil. I used 2 oz to make the pomade)

Pomade side

Pomade top

Such a beautiful green color
Originally Posted by coilynapp
congratulations can u share the ingredients with us?
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^^^ ummm...the ingredients are in the post
You can purchse the jojoba ester at From Nature With
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That pomade looks awesome. Yay for DIY!
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That pomade looks awesome. Yay for DIY!
Originally Posted by Fronomenal

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