Saria, please!

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Two questions:

1) Why does my Revere Ware rattle under the pressure of heat unless it's at least half-way full? It's weird and alarming.

2) What vegetarian ingredient would you add to perk up some cauliflower soup? I used faux-chicken stock and white wine as a base, but it's still blaaaaaaaand.

Thank you!
1) Um... I don't know!

2) I love adding lots of herbs and spices to everything I cook. Try adding paprika and fresh garlic fried in olive oil. I also am a huge fan of fresh parsley, so delicious! I'm not sure exactly what other spices you've got in there, or where you want to go with it... my general advice is to say, stick with a spice group, and if it's bland, add MORE! You've done a great job with tasting your soup and experimenting!
ok, I hunted up my notes from dinner last night. It was lamb chops with potatoes (so not vegetarian), but I still used a white wine and chicken broth base. I was aiming for a greek/persian sort of thing, and the end result was delish.

garlic fried in olive oil, paprika, oregano, basil, black pepper, onion powder, turmeric, coriander, rosemary, fresh chopped parsley, fresh lemon slices

I didn't measure anything. Was very liberal with oregano, basil and garlic; scant amounts of the coriander, turmeric and rosemary, and medium amounts of everything else. Everything was dried unless indicated otherwise.
No clue on that first one. Flimsy, maybe?

How about a little cream?
Sweat your cauliflower out nice and slowly, along with some onions. Heh, you can use my gratin base for a soup, with less cream.
Leeks are nice too. Maybe some saffron or smoked paprika. Curry, for a different flavor.
Make sure not to use too much water or stock. Use just enough and then when you purée it, you can adjust accordingly.
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You know what? I think I did add too much stock. Also, I just realized I forgot the chive topping.

And I love leeks. Would they perk it up, do you think? I find leeks so....mellow.

No more Revere Ware for me, even if it is inexpensive at the thrift store (less than the tax on my Le Crueset).

Thanks, nomilk. I'll spice things up a bit your way, too.
Leeks are great for adding some extra depth, but slowly cooked onions will provide a lovely sweetness.
You could also add a little blue cheese to your soup. Goes great with the cauliflower.
Saria's suggestions are awesome. Leeks and onions go very well with cauliflower, as does curry. I'm afraid I don't know much about cheese... cuz... well... I can't eat milk

I can say that the cheese would add subtle flavors and fat, which would make it very interesting to eat. Maybe my enthusiasm for spices is my palate trying to make up for that loss?
Shallots! Garlic! I use mushroom or veggie stock instead of chicken stock for my veg/vegan dishes. You can also use nutritional yeast to get a cheesy flavor.
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I'm going for curry. And chives.

Thanks, all!
who else here is a veggie?
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