Need HELP with dry hair

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Help I have really curly, dry, and damaged hair. My hair doesn't look shiny not even with gels and sprays. I'm looking for home made recipes that can get my hair shiny and healthy without any products on my hair. Also my ends are really damaged and wanted to know if there's anything I can do to get them healthy.
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i've always heard that mayonnaise is good for hair, but i've never tried it. :-)
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Hi! I'd say try mayonaisse, I've tried it and it leaves my hair very soft. Put it on wet hair-it only takes about a tablespoon (unless you've got a lot of hair!)- and just let it sit for 20 or so minutes. Some wrap their hair in plastic wrap, I have'nt but it probably works better. If you do this about once a week it will probably help a lot. Oh-you'll want to shampoo after this or else your hair will look greasy. By the way if you go to and look through the beauty forum you'll find lots of great natural recipes. Hope this helps! (honey can be used the same way as the mayo, but I didn't notice the same results with it-I probably just wasn't consistent enough!)

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