Baked spaghetti or lasagna Beginner cook

Okay, I have some ground turkey, I don't know what to do with it, so instead of making regular spaghetti i thought about baked spaghetti.

So my first question (i'm a cooking noob so forgive me for the stupid questions HAH)

1. Do I cook the turkey before I bake it or put it in raw

2. if anyone just wants to give me straight up tips feel free (thats not a question LOL)

I think thats really the only question I have, oh yea the no boil noodles if i have normal dry lasagna noodles do I have to boil them first?

I imagine with spaghetti noodles I'd have to otherwise how do I bake them...or I don't have to boil them?
thanks everyone for the advice, I made it and it turned out really well!

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