Does anyone have a good recipe for risotto?

Any recipes you have will be appreciated. I like all kinds (tomato based, cream based, broth based, cheesy). Can you tell I love rice? Anyway, I had a GREAT one at this restaraunt in NJ near Rutgers (it was a beer place, but the food was delicious). Anyway, it had cream, cheese, mushrooms, asparagus, onions, etc. It was soooooo good. Please share any good rice recipes you have here. Thanks in advance!
I don't have any recipes (I seem to cook things once and then lose the paper that I wrote the ingredients down on), but try doing a search for risotto at

I came up with 107 recipes when I just did it. The only one that I have actually tried is the red wine risotto that I made after I saw Mario Batali make it on "Mario Eats Italy", and it was wonderful. Some of the other ones sound SO good, like the bacon and onion risotto and the porcini risotto...MMM can you tell I haven't had dinner yet? [img]images/smiles/icon_wink.gif[/img]
The red wine one looks amazing, and I'm sure I could add mushrooms and asparagus to it easily. Thank you so much!!!! I always prefer recipes someone I "know" has tried before vs. just trying something that a real person hasn't told me was good!

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