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Anyone have any great baklava recipes?
I want to make some (without nuts though...I'm allergic) but I never have before.

I'll probably make this recipe. It got nice reviews:

Chocolate Baklava Recipe - - 14738

I decided since it had chocolate, it could withstand not having the flavor you'd get from having nuts in it.

Anyone know how to make Baklava? Any tips on working with the phyllo dough? (I know I shouldn't let it dry out!) Any better recipes than the one I posted?
I don't think you can make baklava without nuts. Without nuts it's missing the textural component that makes it what it is. Even chestnut baklava is made with nuts in addition.
However, you could try making a pumpkin seed and sunflower seed baklava, or whatever other seeds you like (sesame seeds are used in some Greek baklava). Poppy seeds in there would also be nice for more of a Middle Eastern baklava. Note that you'd still want to use pumpkin or sunflower seeds as the main ones for the crunchy component. Sesame or poppy would be more as flavor additions.

I like baklava best with lots of nuts because it's a really sweet dessert, and for me unbearably so if the nuts are on the skimpy side. I'm not a huge chocolate fan, so I don't like adding it in to desserts that don't usually include it, but if you like it, go for it.
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Mmmmm, baklava.

I only want traditional baklava. Don't mess with perfection.

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^Sunflower or pumpkin seeds are fine additions. "Traditional" depends on the country. Greek is different from Turkish, is different from Persian, and so on. Different nuts are used, different syrups, different types of phyllo, different spices. Plus there are different types of baklava within each country/region. So, if someone is allergic, pumpkin seeds and/or sunflower seeds make a great substitution. Even if someone's not allergic, it's not really any different from using pistachios vs. walnuts, for example.
I just meant like making it chocolate, adding peanut butter, or whatever else ppl do to it.

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Thanks Guys!

I didn't know that sunflower seeds could be used! I was a little worried about the texture/flavor change without the nuts. It's just that everyone keeps talking about how this dessert is "heaven on earth" blah blah blah. So, I've decided to make some for myself so that I could try it too! I've never had it before so I really wasn't aware of all of these things!

Unfortunately, I have to mess with perfection...perfection could literally kill me! Lol

I'm making it tonight so I'll post how it goes. People say to let it sit for at least 8-12 hours so I'll taste test it in the morning! I'll leave out the chocolate for sure...and put in sunflower and poppy seeds.
Eh, I don't love baklava. I like it okay, but it's a very sweet dessert, so I can have one piece and I will never really crave it. If your sweet tooth isn't that fierce, you may not like it much. A lot of people find it too sweet.
I definitely wouldn't put it on a must-try list and I don't think you're missing that much. It's good, but there are loads of nut-filled things that I find more of a shame to miss than baklava.

Pumpkin and sunflower seeds are my main nut substitute for people with allergies. Make sure you get unsalted!

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Hmm...I'm much more of a savory person. My sister has the sweet tooth.

Might as well try it though. Thanks!!!
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I love baklava. Funny timing for this thead; I just had baklava last night.

I've tried making it before and it didn't turn out very well. I'm an impatient cook/baker and all the layering, being careful with the phyllo and making sure it didn't dry out were annoying for me. So I probably rushed through it too quickly. I don't think I made the nut mixture correctly either. AND on top of all that, I burned it. I love to bake, even time-consuming things, but I've never been motivated to make baklava again.

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I agree. Its super sweet. I crave savory more myself, but if someone mentions baklava I'm like, yum.

Although one will satisfy me for a year.

Boyfriends family is Greek, and Yia Yia cooks all the time. I eat so much spanikopita. And she makes these fruitcake biscotti things. Hell, its no wonder I just hold onto these 10lbs.

Good thing my man likes a little jelly.

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Reporting back!

Baklava was yummy! You all were right, not the best thing ever and really sweet. I used the second recipe that Saria posted and put in sunflower and poppy seeds. I left out any nuts. It was pretty good but I won't feel left out when everyone around me is practically losing their minds over it. Lol

I have now satisfied my curiosity. Thanks everyone!!!
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Yay, glad you liked it and now know what it's like.
Funny that you sort of made me crave it. I tend to favor Iranian style, with pistachios and a little rose water in the filling. I can get freshly made phyllo at Poseidon bakery here if I don't feel like making it, which is nice.
I can see why you don't feel like going through the trouble! Working with phyllo is tedious ( atleast it was for me).
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Ha, if you mean me, there's pretty much no kitchen task that I consider too much trouble. I mean, I make cake just to crush it up into crumbs for something like babka.
That's what I meant about buying fresh phyllo from Poseidon, because I know I'd probably go ahead and try to make the phyllo dough itself if I decided to make it, but occasionally (very rarely) I do decide I'm not in the mood. Fresh phyllo does make a difference. It's also a bit easier to work with than frozen.
I'd more likely make smaller individual ones if I made it though, being that I don't care for it that much and I can't always get rid of full-size desserts since my mom won't touch sweets sometimes and my dad won't touch anything that he suspects has spices.

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For future reference, there is a recipe in The Joy of Cooking that I make around holidays. It's perfectly delicious!
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sandras semi homemade on food network just did a show a couple of weeks ago making it, it looked soooo good and so quick and easy.
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