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rouquinne 08-12-2012 12:27 PM

what is the best chocolate to use for making S'Mores?

my sister and i tried them last year with dark chocolate, but the chocolate didn't get soft enough.

is the plain Hershey milk chocolate bar really the best one to use?

goldy 08-13-2012 07:53 PM

Wow I haven't had smores since I was a kid but we always used a Hershey bar. It melted perfectly with a hot fire roasted marshmallow.

rouquinne 08-14-2012 08:33 AM

thanks, goldy, i will poke around the grocery store Friday morning and skip the good dark chocolate!


oh.hi.its.steph 08-14-2012 09:12 AM

Hershey's is most definitely the best :)

CurlyCanadian 08-14-2012 06:51 PM

I like Cadbury Dairy Milk :D

And don't get those new campfire marshmallows. They get too heavy when they start to melt and just fall off the stick :(

rouquinne 08-14-2012 08:17 PM

good tip, thanks CC!


inheritedcurls 08-22-2012 11:32 AM

Yup...dark chocolate doesn't melt right.

Plain old milk chocolate hershey bar. My kids love the big marshmallows...only need one to make a smore but they do have a tendency to fall off if you take too long to cook them.

rouquinne 08-24-2012 10:26 PM

we didn't even end up making s'mores last weekend!


you know that Bailey's Irish Cream commercial where they put out the flames of burning marshmallows by dunking them in a glass of Bailey's???

guess what we did?


first we dunked them in a glass of Kahlua, then in a glass of Bailey's! yum, yum, yum!


spring1onu 09-07-2012 08:27 PM

Last time we made s'mores I smeared Biscoff spread on the graham crackers. I'm guessing if you like Nutella that may be good and Jiff has some new mocha something-or-another spreads now that would probably be good.

gabbypaulina 09-13-2012 02:36 AM

I've been using President's Choice S'mores Kits and they are PERFECT. I was a camp counselor during the summer so I made them in the microwave (graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow: 30 seconds) for the girls in my cabin on the last night and they turned out absolutely amazing. I may or may not have had 8 s'mores in one night.

Anyways, the chocolate in the kit is milk chocolate (not Hershey's though, a PC brand I suppose) but whatever it is, it is the best s'mores chocolate I've ever tasted. All in all, I'd say go with a thin milk chocolate bar, one that can be melted pretty easily.

Wow, now I really want a s'more (or eight) and it's 12:35AM. Ok time for bed.

rouquinne 09-16-2012 11:17 AM

thanks for the tip! i saw those kits on sale at the Real Canadian Superstore last week. might be worth it to get a couple since i use my little outdoor fit bowl until the end of October!


(nice to have another Canadian around here!)

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