Does anyone have a recipe for chocolate?

Hi guys!

Since a couple of weeks I am really suffering from diary allergy. I already suffered from this for a long time, but not as bad as I am now...
I can't even stand cookies or chocolate anymore...
And in my country I don't find a lot of diary-free products...
Problem is that I do like chocolate, but only milk chocolate and white chocolate...
I found 1 brand of chocolate that doesn't contain milk (it does contain rice milk, but I am not allergic to plant-based milks) but it doesn't have the same consistency than normal chocolate... it... doesn't melt!
I put a piece of white chocolate in my mouth... and it was still there 15 minutes later... which is weird...

So I am thinking about learning how to make my own milk chocolate and white chocolate...
With a soy milk basis probably since I learned how to cook with soy milk.

My question is: does anyone have a recipe to make milk chocolate and/or white chocolate? (it can be a recipe with normal milk, I'll just replace it by soy milk then)
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Here you go I use this guy's page: HOW TO MAKE CHOCOLATE - VIDEO RECIPE - YouTube

If you don't like this recipe I have a receipe facebook page from various people including video tutorials. There's quite a bit of chocolate recipes there. You can check it out here:

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