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I made this recipe up a few years ago when my Grandma was losing weight due to cancer and chemo. I was so stuck in my ways that I was going to come up with a concotion to help her gain it back, that I somehow created a tasty treat. It doesn't make you gain weight, but it is pretty healthy!
I used to call it the "fat fast plan"... as in, the complete oposite of the "slim fast plan" :P. I don't know what you would clasify it as... maybe a smoothie? Or a milkshake? Smoothie-shake?

Anyway, onto the recipe:

Ingredients -

About 5 or 6 ice cubes (add more for a thicker consistency)
1/4 Cup of Orange Juice (add more or less for more of an orange flavor)
1/4 Cup of Milk (1% is best, but skim works...)
3 Tablespoons of sugar

Instructions -
Pour orange juice, milk, and ice cubes into blender, and put on "ice crushing" setting. Once ice cubes are crushed, pour in the sugar and blend once again on lower setting. Pour into glasses and enjoy! Servings: About 4 or 5 cups, depending on whether or not you followed my directions or made your own variation.
This is really one of those recipes that you need to experiment with. I sometimes put more milk and orange juice in than directed, sometimes I cut down on the sugar and ice cubes... The best form of this recipe is achieved by trial and error.


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Mmmm, sounds like a homemade Orange Julius!
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Mmmm, sounds like a homemade Orange Julius!
Originally Posted by Layali
Ohhh, it sure does!! We used to make these *all* the time & I had forgotten about them!! yummy stuff

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Mmmm, sounds like a homemade Orange Julius!
Originally Posted by Layali
thats what i was thinking.

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