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Ok so we make our gifts for family and friends. This year I decided to bake. First off some of this will be going by mail so do you think it would be better to do cookies or candy? Second any good recipes? My kids are so excited they love to cook I just want to start getting the stuff we need now so I don't have to worry later.
Shortbread!!! Its so easy and versatile.

150g flour
100g butter cut into cubes
50g caster sugar

mix flour and sugar, add cubes of butter and rub in flour mix until it forms a dough (this can take a while)

You can alter the flavor of a batch by adding either a couple of spoons of cocoa powder, or some lemon zest or some vanilla essence.
Often I triple the recipe, divide it up after the initial mixing/rubbing stage and add a different ingredient into each batch.
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Great idea. Do you think you can add candy bits?
Hmmm not sure about candy bits. But you can substitute half the butter for peanut butter if you're into that. Another cool idea would be 'White Christmas' which is more candy-ish. I haven't made it myself, but my ex used to make it and it was seriously yummy. Here's a recipe I found online.
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absolutely THE best chocolate chip cookies I've ever had:

thinking of substituting a cup of the flour with oats to make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies..dh's favorite.
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These are the best for the holidays! They are so easy, yummy and festive for the holiday.

Merry Cherry Bars:

I do what the first one says for ingredients since they are about the same, but definitely do what the second one says for the icing on top.
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