Help! I want to start drinking hot tea...

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I only drink black tea and green tea. I avoid fruity infusions. As far as I'm concerned if there are no tea leaves in it, it's not tea.

I have black tea usually with milk although Earl Grey is nice without it. Steep as long as you want, until you get the strength you like.

Some black teas are really better without milk.

Don't steep green tea too long or it goes bitter.

Never add sugar (that's just me though). Use a tea pot whenever possible.

I need to put tea bags on my shopping list now.
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I've been trying out teavana herbal teas.

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just start with any regular tea !!! all Tea is good get in to brands once you are an expert tea drinker :P
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Head to Teavana! Their SAs are excellent at helping to choose teas. My favorite is Chai Mate - but the flavors and blends are endless. My husband was never a tea drinker, but he loves it now, and so do my kids.
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Ditto on Teavanna.
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I love chai ... am having a cup of decaf version right now.
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I get back into tea this time of year. I'm having Sench Kyoto Cherry Rose.

I'd love an electric kettle. Then I'd always have the correct temperature.
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I was just talking to my trainer about tea the other day. We both love tea of any kind. Cheap generic teabags, loose fancy teas, herbals, mmmm. We both agreed that hibiscus is probably the prettiest tea.

I've watched a British soap opera for over 25 years and for decades everyone on the show heated water in a teapot on the stove. Then a few years ago electric teapots showed up on the countertops. Kind of made me sad.
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If you go to a place like Teavana, they can have suggestions for ones you might like.

I find that if I like the smell of a tea, I like the taste of a tea. So that might be somewhere to start.

Also adding sugar and milk or cream can help if you find it too strong.

Just don't let it sit too long, most teas (green, black, and herbal - esp. fruity ones) get 'tinny' tasting to me.

My faves are English and Irish breakfast, roobios teas, lipton makes a citrus green tea that I really like.
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Since you are used to things that are sweet (as per your Pepsi comment) I would definitely try Rooibos. It's sweet, tastes great and is just as (if not more) beneficial than green tea. Another favorite of mine is Rooibos Chai...if you are looking for that spicy kick
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i have a tea infuser i use almost everyday. my fav right now is a black ginger orange tea. i have orange blossem honey to sweeten it a bit.

i use a tea kettle on the stove to heat up the water. i'm old school like that.

I drink tea by Yogi. They have a lot of different flavors and don't require a lot of sugar to taste good. They also tell you what benefits you get from drinking it.
How about African Moroccan Mint Tea? It's my favorite and fairly easy to make.

You'll need gunpowder green tea, quarter bunch fresh mint leaves, 4 tablespoons sugar, 3 cups hot water.

Stir in the sugar and tea into the hot water. Then add the mint leaves and let it steep for about 5 minutes. Traditionally the tea is poured into a cups the size of shot glasses (also looks like shot glasses) and returned back into the pot about three or four times until bubbles form at the top of each cup. Then it is ready to serve. If you like mint, you have to try it.

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I love tea of all kinds, but my suggestion for you would be a tropical green tea. It's green tea with fruit infused into it. It's on the sweeter side so it doesn't require as much sugar (though I prefer honey in all kinds of tea).

And definitely try out Teavana. I still drink a lot of tea from the grocery store, but whole leaf tea like at Teavana > everything else.
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I am such a tea addict. My current favourite is Taylor's of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold, although I wouldn't say no to Assam, Bewley's Original, or practically any black tea from Whittard.

If you want something with a caramel flavour (such as Pepsi/other kinds of cola), then I would suggest a Rooibos and Vanilla. I think Tetley makes one, although the one I have sitting in front of me is from Marks and Spencer.
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I drink a ton of tea! My current favorites are: Celestial Seasonings - Cinnamon Apple Spice; Bigelow - Sweet Dreams; and any kind of chai except vanilla... bleh.
I love Republic of Tea Blackberry Sage (though I particularly like it iced. )
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I drink a ton of tazo green tea

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I didn't like tea in my teens and early 20s until someone gave me some peppermint tea. I now drink lots of different teas but never "normal" tea with milk.

So if you like mint try peppermint, spearmint or mixed mint tea. You can have them as strong or as weak as you like and they have the advantage you don't need to add sugar.

Another good tea is jasmine tea. Though it's got a delicate favour so you would need to drink it a few times before getting use to it.

Orange and lemon teas smell really nice but some people find they don't taste as nice as they smell.

I would also stay away from rooibos teas to start with as they have a strong favour which lots of people find bitter.

The general fruit and herb teas are sold in lots of shops plus it's easy to make some herb teas like mint yourself if you have a garden or window will to grow the plants on.

Black teas are really strong so I tend to avoid mixes with it in.

You can get white and green tea mixes with cinnamon, other herbs and spices which you don't need milk or sugar in. I suggest you go to a specialist tea shop to purchase these.

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