Miss Saria,

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could you please take a guess at tio why I can always taste baking soda or baking powder in my baking, even when I stick to the recipe? I mix and I mix and I mix, but still, that icky flavor seems to seep through.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you

p.s. it's coming up on real maple syrup season here; do you need me to send you some?
What kind of baking powder do you use? I use Rumford, which has no aluminum. There are other brands with no aluminum, which some feel can have a taste.
As for baking soda, it could be a matter of whether there is an acid present or not to react with it. And you don't need very much of it. Baking powder you can use more of.
Sometimes baking soda mellows out after a day, too, though it depends on the recipe. For certain things, they need to go in the oven right away or the baking soda eats them up. Mostly I'd fault the recipes though. If you want, I can take a look or hook you up with a better recipe.
And one can never have too much maple syrup, but I don't want to trouble you for a second, dear.
Join Date: Mar 2008
Posts: 15,529
Are you kidding? After what you've done for me? You want some, you tell me.

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