Inexpensive body scrub and oily/blemished skin mask

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There's no need to pay $30 for that salt scrub by Origins. Just mix enough salt and sugar with any oil, particularly jojoba, and exfoliate away!

Also, a great, inexpensive product for oily/blemished skin is Milk of Magnesia! Yep, the constipation medicine. Buy the original, unflavored kind. Apply thickly as a mask; it can absorb more oil than clay masks, it gently disinfects, and calms redness and irritaion. Also apply a thin, sheer layer with a cotton ball it the mornings to mattify you skin. It works better than Clinique Sheer Mattness, and is really, really cheap.
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Another inexpensive body scrub recipe:

baking soda mixed with enough oil (sesame or whatever you have handy) to make a paste. Add a few drops of essential peppermint oil. WHOA MAMA! Your skin will love you!
I know it may be a little weird but sometimes when I shower my skin feels so good if I take an inexpensive hair conditioner like suave naturals and put sugar in it to make a scrub it's awesome my bf can't keep his hands off of my skin even more than usual lol
My mix is evaporated cane sugar(finely ground sugar and not harsh), raw local honey and a dash or two of oil of choice. The oil helps to reduce the stickiness of the honey and makes it more pliable.

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