weird food habits/confessions

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I like to eat stale Oreos because they are soft.
And cornstarch straight out the box.

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Ranch on anything, especially seasoned fries.

Cottage cheese with Kettle Chips brand Spicy Thai chips.

Ketchup on an Egg McMuffin.

Plain bagel, buttered, with cream cheese and salt/pepper.

Avocados sliced in half with salt and pepper.

A boiled egg and chile oil in my "oriental" flavored ramen. Learned it from a friend, and I love it.

Musabi... Everyone thinks they are weird.
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Thai sweet chili sauce with my lasagne
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I'm not sure if it is weird or not, but I like mustard and grape jelly on my sausage biscuit.

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Raw Ramen noodles and honey, so bad but SO GOOD!

Cucumber and Monterey Jack cheese

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
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I used to love as a child scrambled eggs and maple syrup
Ranch dressing with anything is always a plus( fries, sandwich, pizza, fried mushrooms, chicken wings, salad, chicken salad, even by itself) yumm
Ketchup mixed with mayo is the ish! My best friend introduced it to me as a child as "KetchoNaise" I think she was on to something.
As a child I liked to mix cookies with my ice cream then drink it as a shake. yum yum
Toast dipped in tea is so good.esp Lipton tea. Or even oatmeal cookies dipped in tea.
What's weird about hot sauce in ramen noodles? Mmm MMm Mmm Delish
Pretzel M & entire bag of them. I had to put myself on a no buy from them one month. too addictive.
Relish makes any food better. And Ketchup.
When I have a craving, I try to appease. Latest craving? Those flaming hot corn puffs. *faints*
Originally Posted by honeysweet20
I LOVE ketchup mixed with mayo, cookie/ice cream shakes, toast or cookies dipped in tea, hot sauce in ramen, and hot corn puffs. And I though I was the only one!

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-Savory oatmeal: an over-easy egg on top of cooked plain oatmeal + scallions + sesame seed oil. You will die of amazingness.

My dad eats green mangos with salt. My grandma and I like ripe mangos with chili powder (but everyone in northern Mexico does that, so it's not that weird.)

-Cold spaghetti O's
-Celery & PB
-Celery + cream cheese + garlic salt
-Green smoothies (!!!). people think it's weird. I think it's delicious

I know a lot of people who eat hot cheetos + cream cheese.
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(junk food)

i love salty/sweet combo and like to put pieces of chocolate between crackers.

i melt my m&m's for a few seconds in the microwave.

i always eat the outer chocolate shell on coated ice cream bars first and then eat the ice cream.

all 3 of those last ones were chocolate related, but honestly i dont LOVE chocolate...i prefer white chocolate for the most part. i do get a taste for regular chocolate every once in a while, but i cant eat too much of it.

i BLEND my a blender...yes. i add hot milk and whatever else i want (maple syrup, brown sugar, butter, whatever) and i stick it all in there and blend it up. as a kid i would NEVER eat oatmeal because i though it was gross and thick and weird because my family always used water to make it. when i got older, i started using milk and making it soupier and it was tastier and more tolerable to me that way...more recently i started blending it (just decided to try it on a whim) and i loved it. i still cant eat that much of it because it makes me full really fast.

peanut butter and maple syrup sandwiches are yum.

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