Hi all!

I'm a regular lurker/occassional poster on the hair boards, but this is my first time in the recipe section. I was just doing a search for ways to organize recipes, and wasn't satisfied with what I was finding. I knew I had seen this recipe board before & figured since you all seem to enjoy cooking, perhaps you would have some advice...

I love to cook, and I get a lot of recipes out of magazines (and I mean a looooot of them). My previous method of organizing the recipes was to cut them out, glue or tape them to paper, and throw them in a binder under the appropriate section (I did this only after I tried the recipe & made sure it was a keeper). I have two binders full of recipes organized in this method, but honestly, I'm beginning to get fed up with how much time it takes to put it together! I have two folders full of recipes that are waiting to be organized, and I just don't have the energy or time to devote to cutting and pasting (it doesn't sound like it would take a lot, but it is quite time consuming!)

So, my question is how do you all organize your recipes?? Do you just keep them in folders (& if so, how do you keep the ones that might have two pages together?) Do you rewrite them? I'd love to hear any and all ideas... Thanks so much!