Specialized Diets

Does anyone else here have a very specialized diet?

I, for example, have a 100% dairy-free diet. That means no:

- milk
- milk solids
- cassein
- whey
- lactose

So on and so forth and you get the picture...

So whenever I go shopping, I have to check the ingredients. It took me fifteen minutes once to find a bread I could have when I first had to start dairy-free. And when I go to restaurants, I either have to have read the menu ahead of time or find something I know that is free of any dairy at all.

The good part about this is I eat lots of grains and fruits and vegetables. The bad part is I miss cheese and ice cream and chocolates...

So is there anyone else who has a specialized diet? Anyone who is dairy-free? Anyone else understands the challenge of telling people, "I can't have that" and then explaining when they want to know why? Or listening to people who say, "Oh, I couldn't do that!" Please join with me here... there's gotta be at least one other person on this board!
Iara does, but I haven't seen her in a while.

SpringCurl is a vegan, I believe, and there are a few others here.

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May I ask if it's for a health reason or an ideological reason?
Hi Tinymandolin,

I totally relate to your post because for the last 5+ months I was on a VERY restricted diet - because I couldn't swallow properly. I've only had the restrictions lifted last week. Dietary restrictions are a real pain in the A$$ and you can end up feeling really deprived.

Are you lactose intolerant? Can you take Lactaid tablets?

I'm just so sorry, because I know it is difficult. I know about reading labels and having to explain your situation to people.

I hope your situation improves! Wishing you all the best....
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I'm prediabetic, so I eat a very low carb/high protein diet. When I nursed my son, I couldn't eat any dairy and it was harder than not eating carbs.
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I'm lactose intolerant so I don't eat dairy either! Have you tried ezkiel 4:9 bread? lactose free baby!!!

I do have my setback though as in last week I was craving pizza so bad, and i got my wish, but I really regret it now as my body still hasn't recovered.
May I ask if it's for a health reason or an ideological reason?
Originally Posted by Eilonwy
Health reason, I have dairy sensitivity. Dairy makes me sick beyond belief.

Curlypearl -- Thanks for the well wishes! It's good to hear that your restrictions got lifted recently. As for me, mine is something I have to learn to live with. But it could be worse! There's all sorts of other things to be allergic to that could throw a real wrench in the wheels of life.
I am sensitive to cow dairy, wheat, barley, apple and corn. I used to be sensitive to soy but now seem to be okay. Actually when I was first tested about fifteen years ago there were more foods that I couldn't eat than I could. I can use some sheep and goat cheese.

I totally feel your pain about reading labels. I pretty much just buy whole foods and when I do try to find something prepared I target foods with just a few ingredients. It's definitely more labor intensive but my health is worth it. I was able to eat spelt but lately either spelt or yeast is bothering me so I've stopped eating it until after tax season. I plan to take another ALCAT soon to see how my sensitivities have changed.

As far as dining out, I try to find a couple of good restaurants that know what they put in their food and frequent them. I know it sounds funny saying that they know what is in their food but many restaurants buy so much stuff that is prepared or partially prepared that they don't know. I just don't eat at those places.

Good Luck!
My younger sister has Celiac Disease... Which is a wheat intolerance. Basically, she can't have wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, kamut, durum, or anything else that is a wheat derivative. When she was first diagnosed, it took us forever to get used to grocery shopping, because all her gluten-free foods (made with rice, corn, or potato flour, usually) are extremely expensive. As we got more used to it, it got a lot easier. There are plenty of foods that taste exactly like or very close to their original gluten-filled counterparts.

As for eating out, lots of restaurants have gluten-free menus that you can ask for either by calling ahead of time or asking at the restaurant before being seated. Chili's is a personal favorite of hers.

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