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MirCurls 03-18-2010 06:37 PM

Anyone gone to SALON VASO or Teri at THE STRAND Or Las Olas (Ouidad Cert) in South FL
After reading through the salon reviews, I think I narrowed it down to these two. One is a half hour drive (though Saturday is a beeyotch on South Beach) and one is an hour away. Both have good reviews here and Salon Vaso was featured in Allure magazine and has good online feedback.

While I hate going to chichi salons (I am SOOO not chichi), I only need to go every 8 weeks or so and color once every 4 months, so I can deal with the stress of the salon experience. (I haven't had to do a salon in 20 years roughly).

Any feedback on Vaso or Teri appreciated. Or on the Las Olas salon in Fort Laud with the Ouidad certified snippers.

Any suggestions on how to make the transition smoother appreciated, too. I know about the basics: be on time (not an issue with my previous stylist, so I got lazy and I"m punctuality impaired), bring picstures if possible, be clear, come styled so they see more or less how I do it/like it. (I'm afraid to bring my own products the first time, though, so I'll ask if I can so I can steer away from the stuff I don't want.)

Ah, I feel so...weird. Heh.

blubutterfly04 03-27-2010 05:30 PM

I don't have any feedback on Vaso or Teri however I just got a Devacut in Miami and I loved my results. I went with Francisco, he's at the GBS Beauty Supply in Coral Gables. He did an amazing job. He's very knowledgable about curly hair and really takes his time cutting and styling. I've never had anyone touch my hair ever, other than my mother who's a hairdresser. I will definitely go back to him again.

P.S. It's not "chichi" at all ; )

MirCurls 03-28-2010 05:00 AM

Thanks, blu. How long did it take and can you tell me an approximation of his fee? :)

Also, any pics? Would love to see.

blubutterfly04 03-29-2010 02:47 AM

It was expensive, 100$. Between the cutting and styling I was there may an hour and a half (I have ALOT of hair) . He set my hair sing the deva clipping method and sat me under a dryer until my hair was about 80% dry. I'll post a pic this week...

MirCurls 03-29-2010 06:52 AM

Oh, thanks for answering. I'd really like to see the pic.

I will probably need to see someone by May--I want to let it grow a bit first--so I'm scouting out my options. There is a Deva-certified one near me (like a mile away), but I've never seen anyone post anything about her (Name of Bertha in GBS Aventura), so it makes me leery to go to someone cold.

blubutterfly04 03-29-2010 10:01 PM

I know what you mean. I actually saw him in action prior to having him cut my hair. I had gone to GBS to pick up some products. As I walked by he stopped me, complemented me on my hair and we just began chatting. He was in the middle of a deva cut, his client was telling me she had been going to her stylist for over 14 years but would never go back now after having francisco cut her hair. So I actually saw him perform the cut, wash her hair, apply the styling products and set it. I had to book my appointment right away. He highly recommends the entire devacurl line, thats what he uses to wash and style curly hair. I like devacurl so I didn't mind him using the line. He did mention that he has a client that brings all her own products and styles her own hair once he's done with the cut and wash. Anyway, here are my pics:

cubana6 03-29-2010 10:15 PM

Your hair looks great! I also have been looking for a place in S Florida to get my hair cut. We have similar hair type as well! I am going to have to save up so can make an appt!

blubutterfly04 03-29-2010 10:45 PM

Thanks for the compliment! He recommended I go back in about 4 months which is when I normally get a haircut anyway.

MirCurls 03-30-2010 08:58 AM

Oh, that is so pretty, blu. You look lovely, not just your hair! I think you have MORE hair than me. :) But our curl pattern has similarities (your curl is more consistent than mine, but similar). That is pretty close to how I want to grow it out. My sides are way shorter than my back, and I want more "drape" in the front, like you. Hence, I need some g rowing out time. Probably a year or more for the sides.

I think it's worth saving up for a good cut, too.

blubutterfly04 03-30-2010 04:02 PM

Thanks Mircurls! It's been quite a process to get my hair to look this way. Please post pics once you get your haircut. I wish you much luck in this upcoming hot, humid summer!

MirCurls 04-15-2010 10:33 AM

Well, I decided not to do dry cutting and get a conventional cut (so I have the option of a blow-out should the urge strike me). I made an appt for color and cut with Teri at The Strand in Pinecrest (for me and hubby both for Fri 4/23).

Hope I end up really happy with it, 'course. :D

MirCurls 04-21-2010 02:43 PM

Man, my appt with Teri at THE STRAND in Pinecrest is Friday (two days away!) and I'm sooo nervous. After 22 years with the same hands handling my hair,curly and straight, colored and non-colored, it's nerve-wracking to think of going to a salon with a whole new person.

But my hair is screaming for some color for those scraggly grays and my ends definitely would benefit from snip-snip.

I asked Teri for permission to take pics of my cut in progress, the salon, etc, and I'll be posting a review and pics eventually.

Fingers crossed that she's a genius with my aging, thinning, graying curls. :D

cubana6 04-21-2010 03:05 PM


I am anxiously awaiting the result of your haircut. I want to get a Deva cut but don't really afford it so I am hoping she is good so I can go to. Is she going to shampoo and/or put cones in your hair?

CurlyCara 04-21-2010 03:34 PM

In what city are you guys located?

MirCurls 04-21-2010 04:22 PM


Originally Posted by cubana6 (Post 1326000)

I am anxiously awaiting the result of your haircut. I want to get a Deva cut but don't really afford it so I am hoping she is good so I can go to. Is she going to shampoo and/or put cones in your hair?

Hi "other" cubana. :D

I think if you wanna get a DevaCut, you should just save up for it and go to the Gables guy BluButterfly went to or the Fort Lauderdale one who is also supposed to be good (see other posts/google on that). I'm gonna get a wet cut so I have the option of blow-drying open (though I haven't in 5 months, I still want to OPTION).

I haven't decided if I'm gonna take my own products or just let her use the AG line (she uses Re:coil and other AG stuff, too, I believe). I'm okay with her using her stuff as an adventure, and I can always clarify and deep treat later if I don't like what's in it. I"m not so hardcore CG that I run from a poo screaming. :D However, I might wanna take some of my stuff just in case...

I'm gonna look over curly pics on this site and online to see if I find anything remotely suitable for my hair type. But I strongly suspect I"ll just sit, go, "This is kinda the general shape and effect I want, is it doable with a wet cut?" And let her take charge. I think the best way to guage a stylist is to give them a bit of free range and take the risk. Hair grows out after all. It's not a life commitment. :D

My only non-negotiable is I won't go shorter than shoulder. I have a small buffalo hump from steroid usage and a fat neck from being, yeah, fat, so I prefer to camouflage that a bit. Plus, since gaining weight, I just can't rock the shorter bobs like I did when I was slimmer.

I hope I don't spaz and forget my camera. I really wanna document this decently for other South Florida/Miami curlies who are agonizing over a stylist.

Like me.

However, and I'm totally serious, if you really, really, really want want want want a DevaCut, I may make a deal with you (if your hair is similar to mine) and subsidize part of it and go with you. No kidding. If I'm unhappy with my wet cut, after trying Teri and, if needed, Salon Vaso, I'd want to observe a DevaCut firsthand. It's worth it to me to pony up part of the expense if I can watch firsthand and see if it will work for me .

So, keep that in mind. :D I may PM you in future.

MirCurls 04-21-2010 04:30 PM


Originally Posted by CurlyCara (Post 1326042)
In what city are you guys located?

We're probably in different cities, but I'm in North Miami Beach/Aventura area, which is part of the Greater Miami area of South Florida.

I have a long drive to Teri's The Strand at Pinecrest salon. I'm way over to the Northeast, not so far from the county line of Broward and Miami-Dade. She's way south. I figure I need to leave the house about 50 mins prior to my appt to be safe, even though it's after rush hour.

MirCurls 04-23-2010 04:01 PM

That thread above documents in a post (and with pics) my experience with Teri at THE STRAND AT PINCECREST salon.

MirCurls 08-22-2010 04:23 AM

McCurly1 has posted her review of her cut with Teri and her pictures:

Still asking for those who visited Salon Vaso et al to post reviews (pref with pics or link to pics). THANKS..let's help out other curlies in So FL looking for a stylist, wet or dry cut style. THANKS...

curlytravlr 08-22-2010 08:50 AM

Hi ladies,
Just joined the site and glad I found this place. Saw your post MirCurls and had to take a look since I'm in Pembroke Pines, FL and have been to Salon Vaso. Looks like you got a nice cut with Terri and I think you did well because I was underwhelmed with my cut at Salon Vaso.

Vaso herself was very nice and I know she gets a lot of good reviews. Maybe I caught her on a bad day, but my haircut ended up being a basic trim without any shaping. She cut my hair wet (not an issue for me) and twirled sections with her fingers before drying a little bit with a diffuser. It was OK, but not fabulous and once it grew out it was kinda shapeless. FYI: I haven't posted a pic on my profile yet, but my hair is between 3a and 3b. Kind of like Blu Butterfly's (beautiful pix!), but shoulder length.

The Vaso cut was $75, which is more than I like to pay, especially for a cut that's just OK. The salon itself is nice, although it's definitely got the South Beach vibe with trendy decor, coffee and wine (yes wine) offered on the side and lots of beautiful people. The people who work there are nice though.

Anyway, that was my experience. I'm thinking of trying the Ouidad salon on Las Olas next. We'll see.

MirCurls 08-22-2010 09:26 AM

Thanks for that info on Salon Vaso, CurlyTravlr. For an "okay" cut, I don't wanna pay $75, that's for sure. I mean, I don't mind getting okay/doable/standard for $30m, but I expect "va voom, yay" for more than $50.

Good to know. Most of the reviews I read mentioned the vibe is friendly there (not snooty) which is good. Hate snooty. Wish there was a curly friendly stylist I could go to closer to home. But until I hear raves of one, I will keep schlepping to Pinecrest.

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