Where to go for COLOUR in Toronto?

I'm looking for a stylist in Toronto (or anywhere in the GTA) that is good with colouring/highlights. All of the reviews I come across are for cuts... none for colour!

Pleeeease HELP

Ps: Please do not recommend Karlene (who used to work at Chiggy's). Had a horrible experience with her (big ORANGE blotches of colour and choppy uneven cut).
Hi Curly T111,

I am a huge fan of Karlene's, I know you may have had one bad experience with her, but she is really wonderful, and my curl expert! I wouldn't change her for the world. You might want to think about giving her a second try. I have been to many salon's across toronto, always open to trying someone new, but finding no one that measures up. I soon realized that having a hairdresser is like building a relationship, it takes time. Karlene learns fast, and I am positive that if you were to voice your concerns she would fix them right away. She really values her clients and would recover lost service if she knew where the problem lies. I love that Karlene comes to my place to do my hair, its been about 5 times that I have seen her, and we are working on making me progressivley blonder...its a process, but she is amazing with colour and making sure that the transition is gradual, not shoking to me or any one else. SHe knows how to read your needs like no one else! Give her a second chance..she really is the best in the city! Give her a call: 416-543-6788

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