Deva trained stylist said I should consider a perm?!

Okay-so I went for a consultation today with a stylist listed on the Deva site.

She seemed to know what she was talking about and knew about no sulfates and no cones and yada yada yada.

My bangs are straighter than the rest of my hair (No idea why--my brother's hair is the same way. Weird.) and she suggested that I perm my bangs to match the rest of my hair. I said, "Um, no. I kinda like them this way," but I was really taken aback.

Should I consider this a red flag?

Plus, she said she had curly hair, but it was blown out that day. And it looked pretty bad....
for me, it would be a big red flag!!
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I have permed, but it was not at the suggestion of a Deva stylist.

Also, I knew one who straightened sometimes, but did it well.

I've come to believe that being Deva-trained isn't the epitome of a good curly stylist.
I also went to a deva trained stylist and she mentioned perming a girls hair. I don't think it's a red flag as some people with wavy hair may want more curl. Also as in your position some people have crazy curl patterns and will have a large section that isn't nearly as curly as the rest
I'm kind of surprised too, based on my perception of Deva. But, many curly places like Ouidad and Christo/Curlisto offer "softeners" (read: relaxers from Walgreens that have been diluted). So, I guess offering perms isn't really that different. The main red flag is that HER hair doesn't look good. If a stylist doesn't have nice hair, she's not coming within a 50 foot radius of mine!
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The main red flag is that HER hair doesn't look good. If a stylist doesn't have nice hair, she's not coming within a 50 foot radius of mine!
Originally Posted by principessa1984
I definitely wouldn't see her again. even if someone else did her hair. if walked out with her hair like that, she probably doesn't see the problem. she definetly wouldn't be touching my hair with a chemical.
It doesn't sound right to me. A true Deva stylist is about embracing your hair's natural texture . Don't forget , just because someone is listed on the Deva website doesn't mean you shouldn't ask questions first . If you don't like the answers leave . It's your hair!

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