Horrible Haircut!!!

So I went to the local salon. They specialize in naturally curly hair... but they don't dry cut. I have been there two times in the past, but they always cut it too short when I go in for just a trim. My hair before this past week was long... VERY long, down my back long, and I loved it. I showed the stylist a few pictures of hair with layers because mine has always been the same length. She told me she wouldn't take off any of the length... and now it is at my shoulders, at least in the front, in the back it's longer, but it looks like a disconnected bob! I don't know what to do about it and I can't bear it to hack off any more. What can I do?

It looks good straight... but I don't want to straighten it every day

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What did you say to the stylist?

There's really not much you can do now, unfortunately...just start growing it back out.

Can you post pics here so we can see?
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I told the stylist it looked great... and it did look great when it was wet, I never get it styled in the salon because it's more money.

I'll post a picture when I get a chance yeah

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