How do you do your hair the morning of your haircut?

esp. for the stylists who like to cut hair dry, do you put product in or just shampoo and condition as normal?
I found a stylist in my area that cuts the "Deva" way and went to her for the first time a couple of weeks ago. She asked that I come with hair "done" how I wish to wear it-product in, etc. The DevaCurl products are too heavy for my fine hair (I will try in winter when my hair will be less affected by humidity here in the midwest) and that is what she used on me. I asked if next time I can bring all my own stuff and she said absolutely that she be happy to use them and may even learn about new products that way.
I guess I'd ask if they do not ask you as mine did!
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Depends on what I have done and depends now since I have a new stylist.

With my old stylist, who knew my hair INTIMATELY, even better than me, hah, after 22 years, I'd go in with my bedhead hair and didn't care.

UNLESS: I was having color done, in which case I went in with hair I washed the night before and put in NO cones and NO styling products at all. Just clean hair.

With my new stylist, I go in with my hair the way I wake up (ie, clean or dirty, don't care), but I try to spritz with water or refresher in order to put in in the SORT OF SHAPE I like, so she can get that "flash image" of me walking in and know the general shape I prefer (if my hair will do it that day).

If I'm not getting color, it doesn't matter how I go in, other than the consideration of particular idea for a new stylist of my aesthetics.
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I go to a Deva stylist too, just got my hair cut Saturday. I washed, conditioned with a mega-moisturizing conditioner and cool water rinsed, leaving a little bit in. The cool water gave enough "set" to my texture for my hair to dry curly with no product. I've also gone in with 2nd or 3rd day hair.
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Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.
Looked up this thread to read this advice again, and realized I never thanked you all for the responses--so thanks!
I go in with my hair the way I normally wear it. LI plus a gel, and I SOTC before I get to the salon. I was in last Friday and got tossed around in the wind before I got in the door, my hair was flat and just a complete mess from the wind. She was able to revive it enough to cut it well.
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