One day, two GBS locations. First in Boca, then in Ft. Laud for Booksinging of her updated Curly Girl book. Buy the book and get $25 off a Deva Cut (and $25 off a future service of choice til end of April). Massey will give a demo on "one lucky girl" in attendance.

Contact the GBS stores for info:


Click on the thumbnail for the info (location, phones, etc).

If you go, and especially if you get the free cut demo on your own hair, do post on your experience for the benefit of others (regarding the salons, stylists, cut, experience). THANKS. later...
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March 21, 2011: Lorraine Massey/Deva Will be in Boca Greens, Ft Laud FL GBS-deva-massey-so-fl-2011.jpg  
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