Devachan salon opening in Santa Monica, CA!??

I heard from someone on YouTube that a Devachan salon is opening in Santa Monica, CA. But I haven't heard it anywhere else; I hope it's true, and if it is I want to know when!
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Hmmm. I've heard it twice now...
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Have you heard any more news about the salon opening up? I'm down in San Diego, but would definitely consider making the drive up there!
Nope nothing yet.

I live in SD too, and I wouldn't mind the drive - I love Santa Monica

Both YouTubers said it while talking about their trips to DevaChan in NYC, so I think maybe they heard it from the salon or something. I sent them a message asking about it, so hopefully I get a reply.
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Well at least it gives us something to look forward to! Who knows? Maybe they'll open one in SD, too!
Yeah now that would be awesome!

I got a reply and apparently in the salon stylists were being asked if they wanted to transfer to the Santa Monica location. She forgot to ask when, but at least we know it's gonna happen
~ Dense, fine, low porosity ~

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