Stylists in/around Columbia, SC recommendations?

I need a stylist that I can go to until my hair grows out long enough to make a trip up to Joyfully Curly in Charlotte for a Deva cut. Right now it would be a waste of $$$$ I'm sure since my hair isn't but maybe 3 inches long. I'd also like a stylist nearby to maintain my ends in between Deva cuts if you know what I mean. I'd appreciate some personal experiences. I checked the salon reviews, but there aren't too many. Thanks!
Salon on Main- Lexington SC

Francine Greco is a Deva certified stylist with many years experience and she's curly too! I just had a consult and Deva "Dunk" treatment that was awesome! I am posting video from my experience there hopefully tonight!
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Thanks so much for the response and rec! I actually already went to another girl in Columbia that is also Deva certified even though I didn't know until I got there. What is a Deva dunk treatment btw? Thanks!

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