International curlies and their stylists?

Hi everyone,
My name is Petra and this is my first post here.

I live in Hungary, and, although I've had the same horror stories stylist-wise as nearly all of you, mine doesn't have a happy ending (yet). I mean, I know SO much better now than to go to a stylist without knowing how they work, etc., but exactly because of that, I refuse to go to any stylist now, always fearing the worst. I feel like none of them would get either the CG method or the benefits of cutting hair dry. The whole curly hair situation is very different here in Hungary than in, say, the USA. There are virtually no curlies here, and therefore the stylists just don't know how to deal with my hair. It really feels like it's only me against every Hungarian stylist LOL. I've worn my hair in a ponytail for, like, 5 years straight (only been to the hairdresser twice in that period), discovered the CG method 1.5 years ago, and now that my hair is healthy it feels like all it would take for me to let my hair down completely is a good, liberating cut. Anyway, my question is: are there any fellow (international) curlies in a similar situation? How do you tell your stylist that you just don't want them to cut your hair wet and how do you explain to them that curly hair's different than straight hair? I've tried explaining the hairdresser that I used to go to how curly hair "works" and all that jazz, but she was all like "look, I don't know how to cut hair dry, we have to get your hair wet and washed (she meant with SHAMPOO), and then we can discuss what you want me to do with it". And then she would always cut it the way she cut straight hair. Result: disaster. Oh, and of course you can't just give them the Curly Girl book because she simply won't understand a book unless it's in Hungarian. It seems to me that in the USA they somehow respect the client's opinion more and they really don't make a big deal out of cutting hair the way the client wants them to. Also, it's kind of hard for us international curlies to even find the right product, there really isn't that many options too choose from, tbqh.

Some advice would be greatly appreciated.
Have you ever tried to go to an international hair school in a major city? My curly haired friend and stylist told me that she always recommends this to curlies overseas. Salon schools like vital sasson, etc, might be a good starting point. Good luck!

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