Salon recommendations in Philadelphia

Hello Everyone,

I apologize if this is repetitive (I get a little lost when trying to search through forums).

I am looking for salon recommendations in the Philly area (city or suburbs).
I am looking for someone who can really explain curly hair and hair care to a novice (I don't know what porosity I am, unsure what type, fine or coarse - so looking for help in these areas).

Background info on me: I am Black/mixed with looser but frizzy, shoulder length curls. Based on pics on this website, I'm guessing I have a mixture of 3a-b hair, lots of frizz on top and pretty damaged right now (think Rachel True/Tracee Ellis Ross but much more frizz and not as much volume).

So far my salon experience has not been good: I have been to ethnic (Black and Dominican) salons in the Philly area with not good outcomes (a lot of heat, blow drying/flat ironing), and 2 mainstream (european american) salons which resulted in a lot of chopping, and layers that ended in frizz/unflattering cut.

If you have recommendations please send them my way! Much appreciated.
Theresa at salon mademoiselle in bryn mawr is deva trained and does a great cut.
2B/2C wavy
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