Devachan: Is a Junior Stylist a bad idea? Melanie vs Judy?

Hi Everyone,

I have my first Devachan appointment on Saturday with Judy and I'm wondering it is worth paying for a senior stylist. I called and they have an appointment open with Melanie, a junior stylist. I don't have a ton of money and would rather have the cut with Melanie unless it's going to be a big mistake.

If anyone has experience with either stylist and would be willing to share I would greatly appreciate it. Or if you have recommendation of a different stylist.

Any help would be awesome! Thanks!

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First time I ever went there was with a junior stylist and was not disappointed. Now, she's a senior stylist. Go for it, it's less expensive and it's pretty risk free. They've been trained and now it's about getting experience. She'll do great.
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Awesome! Thanks for the advice. I changed the appointment. I'm really excited!
I also say - go for it! I'm having my hair done this thurs by a junior too. I just can't afford the senior one. They are MUCH better than a straight hair cut any ole day.

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May I ask what the rates are at Devachan? Or can you point me in the right direction to find out?

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It's definitely a good choice . A junior stylist at Devachan is very well trained and supervised . It's a great experience - you will love it ! So will your curls

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I have to admit I chickened out and went back to someone I know who cuts hair wet. I'm happy with the cut, but very expensive!
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I used a junior stylist, and I'm pretty happy with my cut. It was very standard, but really just wanted my ends off and didn't ask for anything's growing out VERY nicely as far as I can see. I felt pretty confident about using the junior stylists since I just wanted a simple cut and they've all been trained/working for a while. It's not like having a beauty school student cut your hair.

At the Devachan I went to, juniors were about $80, seniors about $125

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May I ask which Devachan you went to?

I'm upstate, and would be taking the train down.

At first glance, it looked to me as if White Plains might work better. As the salon is so far from the station, though, and cabs aren't ubiquitous in White Plains, it's probably easier just to go to Manhattan, not to mention that I'd then be able to spend the rest of the day in NYC.

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